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A reusable bag is the next logical step in waste reduction. As the name of the bag is self-explanatory that these are the kind of shopping bags which can be used many times in contrast to single-use paper or plastic shopping bags, thus saving money as well as atmosphere. Reusable mesh produce bags encourage people to reduce, reuse, recycle and re-imagine the world we live in. The production and use of these bags are a kind of “reusable revolution” to save the ecology.

Why use reusable bags?

There are several reasons why people use mesh produce bags. Plastic bags are harmful and reusable produce bags are the finest when it comes to shielding and preserving the ecosystem. This helps in saving money and a nice feeling to protect nature. The world is facing major environmental problems because of the disposal of waste. Normally, plastic bags are thrown out after a single use which results in environmental pollution. The use of reusable mesh produce bags can reduce the negative impact on natural balance.

Which kind of material is used to manufacture reusable bags?

These bags are made of eco-friendly material which is biodegradable and hence protects the environment from pollution. Most often mesh produce bags are made from fabric such as canvas, fibres jute, and cotton cloth or from a thick plastic which makes them more durable than disposable plastic bags, thus it allows it to be used multiple times. In some countries, these reusable bags are called bags for life.

What is the significance of reusable shopping bags?

The best thing about reusable mesh bags is that there is no “away” unlike a “throwaway” strategy of a single-use plastic bag. If you want to live in a clean environment then your participation is a must. We all should live greener, simpler and more generous lives where less can be more. In addition to this, the importance of reusable mesh produce bags is their appropriateness to the surroundings. They help to decrease the consumption of plastic bags and ultimately act as a helpful substitute. On the other hand, plastic bags take years to decompose and therefore ruin the soil, increase the blockage in drains and pollute water bodies too.

How many times do we use reusable bags?

According to a study in the UK Environment agency, it was found that an average cotton bag can be used 51 times before being thrown away. The number of times to use reusable bags depends upon the type of usage. In some other cases, mesh produce bags are used over 100 times before being disposed of, consequently far better for the environment. Moreover, mesh produce bags have a better clutch to handle more things at a time.

How are reusable mesh produce bags different from plastic bags?

Although both bags are easily available in the market, there is much difference between the two.

  • Durability- Mesh produce bags have better sturdiness than plastic bags.
  • Carrying Capacity- You may be surprised by finding reusable plastic bags in the market but their carrying capacity is comparatively low than the reusable mesh bags.
  • Production Cost- Reusable produce bags are made up of natural fabric like cotton, muslin, jute. These are recyclable which reduce the overall production cost than plastic bags.
  • Environmental Impact- Reusable mesh bags have positive impacts on the environment while plastic bags have negative impacts. Plastic bags result in pollution and damage the environment.
  • Grip to handle bags- On one hand mesh produce bags have a better grip and they can be washed and cleaned for multiple uses. On the other hand, plastic bags are not appropriate to handle effectively.
  • Outer look- Jute and cotton bags look beautiful and graceful in hand. You can even customize these bags to match with your style. When you go shopping and put your things in mesh produce bags, then it gives an elegant look.

For which things can I use my produce bags?

Mesh produce bags can carry much load; hence it can be used to take to the grocery store to carry vegetables, fruits and other products. These produce bags can also easily be used to store things in the refrigerator or closets. These can be used for all those purposes of a plastic bag, fortunately with less ecological impact.

Do these bags are part of a fashion trend?

Because of the encouragement to use reusable mesh produce bags by the Government and the supermarkets; these have become the new fashion trend. The apparel industry also took part to make these bags popular. They make it a trend to use attractive and fashionable mesh produce bags instead of disposable plastic bags. People love to collect bags of different brands of apparel. 

To conclude, reusable mesh produce bags are not only popular but also safe for our environment. People must switch to mesh produce bags from plastic bags for a better environment. These are convenient to use and also an eco-friendly alternative. These help to save contamination and environmental degradation.

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