There are several factors that come into play when you are dealing with conversion rates in eCommerce. Everything from brand awareness to how fast a web page loads contributes to the way in which a user feels about the shopping experience, which in turn may decide whether they will make a purchase or not.

Many of the leading factors that ultimately impact conversions boils down to Shopify website design. How does your website look and feel? Is it attractive and responsive, and does it meet user expectations? Website design is not just about flashy graphics and text layouts. Every element of a website comes together to form a certain kind of message for your users, and their subsequent actions are based on this messaging.

Shopify is a powerful eCommerce platform that comes with an array of incredible features that makes selling your products much easier, but you still have to consider the design of your website. Your products aren’t just going to “sell themselves.” You have to take the initiative with a functional, aesthetic website that not only performs well, but looks the part too.

Meeting User Expectations With Your Store Design
One of the key parts of Shopify website design is meeting user expectations. This covers a wide range of points, from webpage responsiveness to how your product photos look, to how easy it is for a user to navigate to the cart or checkout pages, and even involves the overall theme of your site.

Website design for eCommerce is comprehensive and involves optimizations on every level in order to meet the needs of your users and push them toward conversion. This is done through a combination of understandable navigation and interlinking, social proof and brand authority, fast-loading pages and other onsite optimizations, high-quality product photography, professionally designed product pages, and secure checkout methods that don’t throw up any red flags.

Meeting user expectations is all about proper messaging and instilling trust in your users. If you want to fully take advantage of Shopify as a platform, you need to keep these factors in mind at all times. The design of your website is paramount, because a professional design is what will lead to trust, and trust is what you need in order to get conversions.

Users aren’t going to make purchases on websites they don’t trust, which means if you want to start seeing some revenue on your Shopify store, updating its design should be your number one concern.

An Agency That Knows Shopify Website Design
If you are serious about crafting a beautiful website that consistently performs well and gets you the kind of conversions you’re looking for, you need to invest in a website design agency that not only specializes in eCommerce, but also understands the Shopify platform better than anyone else.

1Digital® is an eCommerce website design agency that works closely with Shopify clients to deliver superior results. Their team of experts in all fields of eCommerce makes them unique suited to handle an array of issues that store owners have to deal with. Whether you need an attractive mega menu or a full homepage redesign, or even a complete website overhaul, 1Digital should be your go-to agency for all things Shopify.

If you want to enhance the look of your Shopify website and are curious about how 1Digital® can help you make it happen, take a look at their website or give them a call at 888.982.8269 and they will be happy to address your needs. Don’t let the design of your Shopify website lag behind your competitors.

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