How Sod Suppliers Remove Old Grass for Laying New One?


Experts have recommended numerous ways to make your front lawn attractive. One of which is doing landscape and maintaining the freshness and lush green color of the grass.

If the previously laid grass has lost its charm and charisma, removing it and applying a new Emerald Zoysia becomes necessary.

Steps of Grass Removal for Installing New Emerald Zoysia

Removing the previously laid sod grass will seem easy because you have to remove the grass from the ground. It is a difficult job as you have to make sure that the land is cleared from everything.

Shave off with Sod Cutter

The sod cutter is the best tool to remove the sod. The cutter can be manual or electrically operated, depending on the size of the lawn. The sod cutter shaves off the grass and clears the soil for laying the new one.

Patiently Remove Any Debris

Once the whole area is cleared, pick up any debris that you think can obstruct the rooting of the sod grass. The sod suppliers in Atlanta will help you and clear the ground and remove all debris.

Hiring the Right Sod Suppliers

As discussed previously, removing sod grass is complex, and many times issues develop. The best thing you can do is hire the installation team of the sod suppliers, who will complete the whole process from the removal to the installation of the new one.

Sod Removal Methods by Wholesale Sod Dealers

There are a few techniques that efficiently remove the already laid sod. The main point to focus on is that no part of the old sod remains in the ground.

When the wholesale sod dealers visit a property, they use the following products and removal methods.

Applying Herbicide

Commonly herbicides are used to get rid of the weeds and extra grass, but sod installers like Atlanta Sod Farms also recommend sod removal.

This is a slow way of removing grass, but it doesn’t harm the environment. It takes almost four weeks for the grass to remove, but the weather should be sunny.

Using a Sod Cutter

If you have decided to clear away the grass yourself, a sod cutter is the best option. This should be your choice if your lawn is small.

You can choose how deep the sod should be dug up. The reason to go deep is the roots will also be pulled out.

Clearing Away with Heavy Mulches

Heavy mulches are suggested when the area is vast, like a commercial area or large backyard.

This is a natural way of removing sod grass which consists of wood chips and sometimes pebbles ad stones to cut the supply of air and sunlight.

Innovative Soil Solarization

Soil solarization is identical to applying heavy mulches. In the process of solarization, the grass is covered with plastic wrap.

Nutrients, sunlight, and air can’t reach the grass, and it will die out. This technique will take at least two months to complete.

Vital Consideration Before Sod Removal

You have to think over some vital considerations before removing the sod or, for that matter, any ordinary grass. The following points will not only help to remove the grass properly but also avoid disasters from happening.

Locate Utility Lines Underground

Many utility lines might be laid under the ground and especially on your lawn. If you start digging or removing the grass without checking, then it might cause trouble. Call experts who can locate the utility lines and point out the location.

Study the Soil Type

Sod grass removal technique is different for each soil type. The sod installers have the right tools to determine the composition of the soil.

Checking the ground will also be helpful in the proper installation and establishment of the sod grass.

Proper Clearing of Ground

If you want a perfect looking Emerald Zoysia, the best strategy for the device is to clear the ground properly. This means all kinds of debris like stones, pebbles, leaves, and roots should be removed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fastest way to remove old grass?

The sod cutter is the recommended way to remove the old grass the fastest. Other methods, like soil solarization, heavy mulches, and applying herbicide are also available, but a sod cutter immediately removes a large portion of the grass.

Do you need to remove grass before laying landscape fabric?

It is not necessary to remove the sod grass before you are landscaping. The process of clearing away becomes essential when the grass shows visible signs of damage.

How can I make my lawn look good without grass?

Some of the landscaping designs don’t suggest adding grass at all; they use plants, trees, and other abstract elements. The landscaped area looks empty without adding the grass. Adding grass and especially sod, will enhance the beauty of the lawn.

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