As a business owner/ manager, your goal is to enhance the experiences and make your customers happy. But ultimately, you want to make more sales and boost your profits; isn’t that’s why you are in business in the first place?

As you try to achieve that, there are certain factors you will need to put into consideration. That is, whatever decisions you make, they have to be fast and reliable. And this is the point where swipe machines come into play.

A swipe machine is a tool used by businesses to process various card payments, both by debit and credit.

Traditionally, a swipe machine was known as a PDQ terminal, although some people still use the term to date. The acronym PDQ denotes Process Data Quickly, but these machines never lived up to their name. On the contrary, they were slow, exhausting, insecure, and very unreliable.

But that has changed over time thanks to technology.

Modern swipe machines are far more advanced, fast, and more reliable than ever before. It’s understandable why some people still call them PDQ.

So what’s So Special about Swipe Machines?

Indeed, swipe machines are exceptional, and I will tell you how.

They are Easy to Use

Some machines are so hard to use. To launch them, you need to hire an expert to train both you and your employees. That costs time and money. A swipe machine, on the other hand, is as easy as they come. As long as you have the basic computer skills, you are good to go.

When it comes to payments, 30 seconds, probably less, is all you have to wait to complete a transaction using a swipe machine.

With a swipe machine, you don’t have to worry about getting late for a meeting simply because you forgot to buy something you needed.

They are Cashless

Contactless payment India is rapidly growing because of the many benefits it brings to the table.

First, because of the pandemic; it helps minimize contact to prevent the deadly virus from spreading rapidly.

Secondly, it’s convenient. Cash transactions are time-consuming. The customer has to count the money before handing it to the cashier, who will also count it again. Some more time will also have to go to waste giving the customer back their change. Contactless payments allow you to store your money in an online bank and enable card transactions.

Additionally, carrying cash can be very risky because you can accidentally lose it anytime or get mugged.

Multiple Payment Modes

A swipe machine allows you to accept several different payment methods including,

Customers do not have to go to one checkout point to pay. Sometimes you can go to them and serve them from where they are while there can self-serve. With a swipe machine, you can tend to multiple customers at a go and minimize the waiting time.

They Are Highly Secure

Card swipe machines are secure.

They are end-to-end encrypted

They are PCI and EMV compliant

That helps prevent data breaches, impersonation, and other fraudulent activities.

Round the Clock Customer Care Services

Swipe machines do develop issues just like any other system. In most cases, you can deal with those issues all by yourself or on a phone call with your service provider. That only works if the problem is not too complicated. But if it is, that will interrupt your business operations and may cost you so much time and money, depending on the extent of the problem. To prevent that from happening, you need to partner with a competitive service provider who can respond when you need them and fix the issue ASAP.

When choosing a service provider, it’s always tempting to buy the free swipe machine. That’s okay, as long as they can provide you with top-notch customer care services.


All customers are unique, and their needs are different. While this is true, there’s one thing that remains constant; time is of the essence. They expect you to meet their demands without delay. Failure to that, they move on, searching for better alternatives.

With the perfect swipe machine for your business, you’ll be able to meet all their demands to get the maximum advantage.

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