Cannabis growing is increasingly becoming a rewarding business due to the steady increase in the number of cannabis users. Medical marijuana has led to the legalization of this plant in several countries and states. To start a successful cannabis business, you will need high-quality cannabis seeds. Listed below are tips for buying quality marijuana seeds.

Seed banks

Seed banks earn their reputation based on the quality of weed seeds they provide and this explains why exceptional seed banks strive to maintain high-quality standards. The reputable marijuana seeds USA banks have innumerable customers because these customers trust in the quality of seeds they provide. You will never regret buying seeds from reputable vendors.


The seed quality is influenced by demand. The seed banks offer a wide variety of marijuana strains. Some banks also customize cannabis strains for interested customers. The strains that guarantee a bumper harvest are ever on demand and this gives those strains an advantage over others. Regardless of the price, choose strains that are on high demand.

Expert help 

Novices in the marijuana growing business are prone to making mistakes. The first mistake is failing to pick quality seeds for planting and this later affects the quality and quantity of their harvest. To get quality weed seeds USA seed banks offer, seek expert assistance. Luckily, there are many experienced marijuana growers. You can rely on their help and guidance to get the perfect seeds.


Before buying marijuana seeds, check their age. According to the experts, the quality of weed seeds begins dwindling after lasting for a year. Seeds that are a year older can fail to grow and this will lead to the loss of time and losses for weed farmers. The best seeds are six months old or less. To buy younger seeds, look for a seed bank that depletes its stock.

Float test

To know the quality of marijuana seeds USA vendor offers, carry out the float test. You will need distilled water and a jar. You must fill the jar with water and place the seeds on it. This process is likely to take time because the seeds need time to absorb water. The seeds that float on the water surface are of low-quality. Quality weed seeds will always sink in water.  


The easiest way of identifying quality seeds is by checking their appearance. In this case, focus on its outer shell and color. Immature weed seeds are white and green. Immature seeds take a long time to grow after being planted. Quality marijuana seeds have a hard and soft outer shell with dark colors. While looking at the seeds, squeeze and feel them to expose rotten seeds.

Cost factor

The weed seeds USA seed banks offer are priced based on their quality. Quality seeds enable vendors to maximize their profits because their demand is high. To purchase quality seeds, you must be willing to spend more on them. Fortunately, you will recover the additional cost and gain more from planting high-quality weed seeds.

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