4.How to calculate DAT score?


The score of this particular exam is decided on the basis of a scale of one to thirty. Several subjects which are directly associated with this DAT exam are namely biology, both general as well as organic chemistry, quantitative reasoning, and reading comprehension. Hence, the marks obtained with respect to each of these subjects get added and then the total average of these marks gets calculated. In simple words, it could easily be understood that each and every applicant of this specific exam gets graded on six major subjects which are very different from each other.


 If any of the applicants achieves a score of seventeen out of a total score of thirty then he or she becomes successful in achieving 50th percentile. It becomes very essential for all the aspiring applicants to achieve higher marks as the percentile for 19-20 AA has been in turn incremented to 85th percentile.

After the academic average score with respect to the marks achieved in every single subject has already been calculated, the calculation of the final AA becomes very important. If any of the applicants desire to secure his or her position within the top ten percent of the total of the takers of this particular test, then he or she needs to score much higher marks for the serving the same.

He or she needs to achieve goods marks in the section of natural sciences survey like a score of above 21 needs to be obtained by him or her in Biology. Apart from this, an AA of more than 22 needs to be obtained by him or her in general chemistry along with a minimum score of at least twenty-two in organic chemistry as well. The aspiring applicants needs to achieve above a score of nineteen in quantitative reasoning and should additionally score above 23 in the section of the reading comprehension.

 Apart the from the above mentioned scores, all the applicants who are aspiring to join a good dental school, he or she has to score a minimum of more than 22 in the section of  perceptual ability for ensuring that they are present among the top ten percent of the total takers of test. It does not always become possible for the candidates to achieve such high scores but they could still try hard for getting admitted to those particular dental schools which they dreamt of.

 But still, the aspiring applicants need to work hard such that they could at least be present among the top twenty-five percent of the entire takers of this particular test. For meeting this particular criterion, the applicants should at least score an academic average of nineteen to twenty in biology. The applicant should also score an AA of approximately nineteen to twenty-one in both general and organic chemistry. The score of quantitative reasoning must be seventeen to eighteen.

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