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Are you rocking those awesome braided wigs and want to keep slaying them? We’ve got you covered with a step-by-step guide on how to care for your braided beauties.

From banishing the week’s worries to dating like a pro, we’ll spill all the beans on maintaining these fabulous wigs with braids. Trust us; These tips will keep your wig game moving for months to come.

Ready for a hair makeover? Dive into the world of braided wig care and unlock the secrets to the best hair days.

Let’s begin!

Prepare your braided wig.

Before going through the invigorating washing process, take some time to style your braided wigs with the expertise of an experienced professional.

First and foremost, treat your wigs with braids like they are precious gems that deserve the utmost care and attention. These stunning creations are a testament to your unique style, so handle them delicately.

Now, let’s move on to detangling, which is an important step in maintaining the wonderful allure of your tresses.

Use your fingers to separate the wig. Start at the bottom and work your way up, section by section, to maintain a beautiful curl pattern.

This process will help you minimize tangles and preserve the charming essence of these adorable braid wig!

Wash your wig with braids

Get ready for the exciting part! After putting away your stunning braided wig, it’s time to indulge in a luxurious wash.

Start by filling the sink with refreshing cold water, and add a cap full of our specially formulated wig shampoo for that extra care.

Avoid any rubbing or twisting to maintain the integrity of these wonderful braids.

Once you’ve washed the wig to your satisfaction, it’s time to refresh under cold water. Rinse it thoroughly until the water runs clear, making sure all traces of shampoo are gone.

Repeat this pampering process if needed to achieve that perfect cleanse and freshness.

After washing your wig, take a towel and pat off the excess water. After that, place it on wig stands, so that it dries naturally.

For those luscious long wigs adorned with intricate braids, we’ve got you covered with our long wig stand, designed to adjust their length and maintain their integrity. You can rest easy knowing that your wigs will dry flawlessly, tangle-free.

Use our spray-on wig conditioner to keep your braided beauties fresh. Our easy spray-on solution is the secret to keeping your wigs fresh and vibrant.

It nourishes strands, locks in moisture and protects against dryness, making your braided wigs look and feel their best.

Maintaining and styling a wig

Picture this: It’s been a long day of hitting your braided wig, and it’s craving a quick pick-me-up. Enter Refresh It, the ultimate secret weapon for vegaholics. This sensational clarifying cleanser removes build-up and odor, detoxifies and adds volume to your braided wigs.

You can even use it as a waterless shampoo for a last-minute refresh between washes. So, get ready to jazz up your wig with braids and make it shinier than ever!

Let’s talk styling products, and here’s a little reminder: sometimes, less really is more! It’s tempting to load up a wig with gel and spray, hoping to achieve that perfect look.

However, it’s important to remember that too much product can have the opposite effect, weighing down your beautiful braided wigs and leaving them flat and lifeless.

Now, you can breathe easy when it comes to styling your short braided wigs, especially the express wig braids. This particular wig features a chic asymmetrical design, adorned with intricate micro box braids and a delicate lace section.

And here’s the best part: it comes pre-styled!

This wig is stylish and very easy to maintain thanks to the high-quality, easy-care synthetic fibers. You will not need to spend hours on maintenance. In fact, the Rylan Wig maintains its style with minimal effort, giving you more time to enjoy your flawless look.

Keep it light, darlings, and let those braids speak for themselves!

Securing your wigs with braids

OK, you’ve mastered the art of caring for your fabulous braided wigs, but how do you preserve them?

Gone are the days when you cram your beloved wigs in drawers with braids or mindlessly toss them in closets. Now’s the time to up your storage game with a solution that’s nothing short of organized beauty.

A tall wig stand or wig case is the ultimate storage companion for your precious braided wigs. Not only do they keep your wig in perfect shape, but they also add a touch of style to your look.

With these clever storage options, you can easily find your favorite short wigs with braids, even during those busy moments when you’re rushing to conquer the day.

Find a cool place in your room where your braided wig can rest and unwind without getting too sweaty.


Caring for your braided wigs is essential to maintain their beauty and ensure you slay with perfection. By following our step-by-step guide to maintaining braided wigs, you can keep your short braided wigs looking great for months to come.

From delicate handling and proper detangling techniques to luxurious wash experiences and strategic styling, we’ve revealed the secrets to perfect hair days.

But it doesn’t end there. Explore our collection of stylish braided wigs and take your braided wig game to the next level.

With our high quality craftsmanship and stunning designs, these wigs are guaranteed to turn heads. Whether you’re looking for long and curly styles, chic asymmetrical cuts, or micro box braids, Express Wig Braids has the perfect braided wig for you! Please visit for more information express wig braids review.

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