How to Choose a Beginners Surfboard?


The process of choosing your first board and one that you can use with your friend or kids may be quite overwhelming however it doesn’t have to be!

We are the leading retailer of beginner surfboards as well as boards for advanced surfing in the UK therefore you should seek out our expert guidance.

We’ve tested all the boards that we offer to be sure they’re appropriate, our kids have put the boards through the paces If you’re in need of suggestions or tips, contact us.

We suggest using the diagram below to serve as an approximate guideline for aiding you in choosing an appropriate beginner surfboard for yourself along with your entire family.

Also, remember that there is no one-size-fits-all dimension board that is right for your. There are so many factors with the surfer’s individual surf, the wave conditions, and the amount of time you spend in the water, our goal is to do is to get your as close as we can to the size of board which will maximize your enjoyment surfing.

In recent times, a completely new type of foamie has come out with brands such as Softech, Surfworx and Catch Surf in the forefront.

These brands provide foamies that are not only for beginners, but also for advanced surfers that want some variety with their surf.

These boards are fantastic for fun at close shore breaks and generally in conditions that you wouldn’t be on your regular board.

For Kids

The selection of surfboards for beginners for children is largely based on the age of the child, so start children from 12 years old with an inflatable surfboard as it’s soft and doesn’t cause any harm (so very) in the event that they slip over it or bump it in the water.

This builds confidence and makes people feel more at ease at ocean.

Bic Tahe Paint 7ft 0

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Soft surfboards , also known as foamie surfboards (as they are sometimes referred to) are available in sizes from 5ft 6 up and we suggest at least 7′ for children of average size from 12 years old. of age.

As they get better, they could be looking to drop to 6ft 6 or even 6ft 2 which is easier to turn, which helps in the progression process.

It is essential for you to make sure the paddle you pick is able to float enough to allow for a fun paddle and surfing but not so big that it’s difficult to manage in white water. Also the fact that it is simple to carry is always helpful! It’s great to have a board that is easy to carry! Bic Tahe Paint Surfboards have an easy handle for carrying on the side which makes carrying the board to the water an easy task.

Surfworx Banshee 7ft 0

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Our top-rated kids’ boards include those Surfworx seven-foot boards or for a less expensive cost our Hold Fast 7′ foamie, and for those who are improving or more confident youngsters, we recommend something smaller like that of the Softech Flash board.

These boards come in soft, safety fins and an extended leash, most of the time.

The board will be delivered ready to go surfing. Our soft surfboard packages include wax, a bag for the board and a lead where appropriate for a discounted price.

In the case of the process of waxing your surfboard, you’ll learn that you don’t have to do it, but if you must, it just makes the board easier to navigate.

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