Do you like to blend? My blender runs continuously. Whether it’s whipping cream, mixing pancakes or making sauces and salad dressings. I use it every day and am always grateful to have two smoothie cups or else I would get lost! My favorite use of blenders is to make smoothies. I can put all the fruit we have in it. Add fruit juice or yogurt. And know that the results will be good for me and will taste good too. But blenders aren’t the last word when it comes to healthy fruit and vegetable drinks. The location is a completely different kitchen appliance. That’s a juicer. Although very different But many people seem confused by these useful kitchen gadgets. So which one should you use and when should you use the others?

The big difference is in the mechanics. The blender uses rotating blades to cut the fruit into a pulp, releasing some of the juice in the process. The fundamental laws of physics apply what goes in and what goes out in different ways. nothing is separated The fruit became pulp. If you put the fruit in a blender with the skins and seeds intact, the result will still have the bark and seeds. Just cut into small pieces. Many people say this is what they don’t like about smoothies. that the fibers of the fruit are preserved in the drink, which is especially noticeable with berries. These are often used as a base for smoothies. But many kids don’t like the texture of the results. Click here easy clean blenders for more details.

There are many different types of juicers and different mechanisms. But they all work to separate water from the fiber. Do not leave the core, seed pod, or husk. The result is a smooth, lump-free juice. Nutritionists believe that while the juice is separated from the fiber, the nutrients in the juice are easier to absorb and more available to the body.

So while smoothies can keep you healthy, you can use a juicer.

Unfortunately for the household budget. The ideal kitchen has both appliances. A juicer for pure juices without added impurities, preservatives, colorings or sweeteners. Blender for mixing delicious juices or juices and other things such as ice cream, yogurt or milk.

While a juicer can’t extract juice from bananas, juices can be extracted from seemingly unlikely sources, such as carrots, spinach, cucumbers, apples, and celery. as well as wheat But what happens to it? The remaining pulp left? who do not need to lose Prepare a glass of carrot juice. (or carrot and zucchini juice) for breakfast and next to fruit juice. You also have room that you can add to the bread mix later in the day to make muffins or vegetable soup. Almost any type of fruit pulp can fill a cookie or muffin very nicely.

Every family cares about healthy food and sufficient exercise. However, time will have a detrimental effect later on. And one way to boost your health and make healthy eating easier is to buy a blender and juicer. You should first look at its features, pros and cons.

Discover features and functions

The main advantage of a juicer is more functionality and efficiency. because the husks and seeds are separated Although the blender does not separate, the blender has the advantage of being able to cut and process larger food items at higher speeds.

If you like to make mixed drinks like margaritas, pina coladas or daigiris, a blender is the way to go. and also for normal fruit smoothies The juicer is quite clear. Because it is most effective in extracting fresh juice.

Find what suits you.

In this era, the two products are packaged together in one big purchase. and if you want to switch between them You only have to change a few accessories in your gear, such as knives and mugs, but there are options for the size you want and the brand you want. And there are many options to choose from.

Before you decide which blender or juicer to buy and which size is right for your needs. Think about how many people you will get and live in your house. and how often you will use these devices. Even if you are alone, you like to mix your own drinks for the social events you organize at home. Keep this in mind when choosing the best blender for you.

It is always good to rely on well-known brands, as there are often guarantees.