How to Choose a Pair of Jeans That Looks Good And Feels Comfortable?

Pair of Jeans

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Jeans are a timeless closet staple for almost every age group and gender. They’ve become ubiquitous; a durable apparel worn by almost all of us. Jeans are also described as second skin, so we must invest a good deal of cash to get into a quality pair. Women usually prefer jeans which can hide their curves, but this is not a problem for most of the men.

Rolling back in the past few years, though trends and styles modify with time, preferences are also evolving. People are more accustomed to comfort than ever have been before. Thanks to the world shut down in 2020, where staying at home and working became quite a norm and jeans were a good way to dress. 

They were enjoyable plus can be paired with regular t-shirts or formal dress shirts or get more comfortable with with two piece loungewear sets too. Comfort, softness and stretchiness is really important to keep you moving throughout the day. This specific feature becomes more crucial when wearing a high rise like women high waist pants.

To grab a pair of jeans which are super comfy plus gives you a fine look, consider having a good stretchy fabric with a nice cut and fit too. One good choice would be Miss Lola’s high waist women jeans that suit almost any body type, shape, size and are also very enjoyable. Here are a few points to be considered while picking a nice pair of jeans for yourself: 

1. The stretch and the crotch area

Jeans is an easy daily wear, preferred by many people due to its soft stretchy material called denim. When you go on a hunt of buying a pair of jeans, it must feel a little too tight and a bit uncomfortable on your crotch for the first time, then it’s the right one for you to pick. 

The crotch area must be fitted and snuggly against your skin. It has an ability to stretch out more when you wear it for a while and trust me that they’ll adjust and stretch to fit your skin within sometime. Don’t go for convenient fits as they’ll get looser and looser as you will wear them more.One size smaller than usual will work best, remember this tip and thank me later.

2.  Ignore the trends

Women high waist pants are the biggest fashion hue existing nowadays especially when it comes to jeans. Though it’s good to stay trendy, follow fashion models but this surely doesn’t mean you have to bend your knees on every single floating fashion. Wear the jeans that look good and enjoyable,on you, that’s most important, trends be damned. Some definitely look great in certain styles of jeans but others don’t, so you don’t have to necessarily buy them. 

3. Flat bottom women

Many women have shapeless flat bottoms to which they want to give volume and the illusionary effect of lifting and supporting them, whereas few experience big, heavy butts to which they try to divert attention from and try clothes that can camouflage them.

Women with flat backs can buy jeans with extra flair, embellishments, buttons, zippers or studs on the pockets and jeans to come in notice. This also adds more texture and interest, to make a fake bootylicious bum. 

Another tip is to wear high waist women jeans to make the bust more prominent than before. Women with bigger bottoms must avoid baggy, high rise pants. Avoid any type of adornments at your back, which can draw attention to your specific body part at once.

4. Your rise against your curves

The most universal rise for wearing jeans is mid-rise but as fashion evolves, this thing too varies,  sometimes it’s high or low rise that is in vogue. Women with bulgy, curvy figures must prefer  women’s high waist pants, that’s high rise to create an effect of smaller hips and long legs. It also covers your big belly as this will give the appearance of a flatter tummy. 

Many jeans are specially designed for tummy tucks and control, for both look and comfort. Boot cut jeans are also popular amongst the women who have curvy, bouncy bodies as they balance the overall look. This retains a woman’s confidence.

5. Your height and jeans style

Your height, weight and shape all does matter when picking up the best womens clothing for you. If you have spent money, you surely have the right for the best. Everyone is different, so you must be vigilant before choosing. Stop blaming yourself about your shape or height. It’s God gifted, you are unique so embrace yourself with confidence. Stop being hard on yourself, you are awesome. Consider a few points and you are good to go.

Short heighted women should pick jeans that make their legs look longer. You must always buy high waist women jeans that have a high rise just resting on your navel. Opposite is the case with tall women, low rise jeans layered 2” below your belly button and hemline with ankle length will give you a shorter appearance.

6. Tailor services

Market is full of various styles and lengths with different cuts that necessarily doesn’t mean they’ll fit you well or are perfect for you. Many are just rejected because they aren’t the right length, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have them for this simple flaw. You can easily do hemming of your jeans, or best is to do it professionally by getting the services of any local tailor to customize your pair of jeans accordingly. Yes, don’t be afraid of doing this as all celebs do it to look exquisite. 

Summing up

Jeans are as essential in your closet as oxygen for breathing. Everyone wishes for their OTP (one true pair) denim, which is a wardrobe must have. The best would be the one in which you become more attractive, graceful and most of all comfortable. Another notable point not to be overlooked is that they must fit within your budget too, though with these parameters, the options are endless.

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