High-Heeled ShoesYoung women foot disembarking car


Stiletto heels, booties, or wedges, winter fashionistas will be resolutely high-pitched. Here are some wise tips for dolce vita paily heels to guarantee comfort and style for your feet this winter.

Can all women wear all types of high heels?

A priori yes, even if women of a certain build will not necessarily be comfortable in shoes with very thin heels. But in the end, wearing heels is above all a question of habit and comfort. Most of the time, women prefer to walk on a fairly wide heel, 3 or 4 centimeters high, which allows for better balance than thin heels. But there is no contraindication to wearing 9 or 10 centimeter heels if you are comfortable.

What criteria must absolutely be taken into account when choosing your heels? 

Above all, stability. At the time of purchase, you must always put on both feet because you always have one foot stronger than the other and you are not immune to unpleasant surprises. It is also necessary to check if the arch of the foot is good: if the foot is too arched, it will be difficult to walk with ease. Afterwards, everything is a question of feeling: you have to feel good. You can also make impulse purchases, but always keeping well-defined selection criteria in mind. We can very well afford a pair of stiletto heels even if we are not used to wearing them with a view to wearing them for 2 or 3 hours, during an evening.

With all these high shoes, how not to damage your joints?

It is true that it is advisable not to wear heels that are neither too high nor too flat, but always intermediate. To be comfortable in your shoes, you must therefore take care to alternate flat heels and high heels so as to preserve your joints and your back. We can also opt for ballerinas with small heels rather than extra-flat shoes. also, read it.