How To Choose The Best Electric Cooker For You


Buying a new appliance, especially a cooker, can be costly. Because of this, combined with the importance of having a safe and reliable appliance in your home, it’s crucial that you do your research and find the best one possible for you. Choosing an electric cooker is relatively straightforward, but there are a few things to consider that will likely sway your decision. Here are a few features to consider when deciding on your new electric cooker.

Appearance And Materials
The first things to think about are your oven’s appearance, size, and materials. Aesthetic appearance is going to impact the overall design of your kitchen area. Many people will try to match their kitchen design to their appliances due to the limited styles and colors available to appliances. The cooker’s materials will also impact the aesthetic, but they will also change the durability of the cooker itself. Most ovens are going to be stainless steel, but other materials can vary, including some ovens not having a glass door on the front. You’ll likely want to choose one with glass as you’ll be able to check on things cooking inside without having to open it up.

Settings And Timers
Different ovens will come with different settings and timer options, but most will generally have the basic useful settings. If you’re going to be cooking a lot and live a busy life, however, you might want to consider timers that will turn the oven on at a certain time of the day so that food is ready upon your return home. As well as this, you can also find smart ovens, too, that can be controlled remotely. Some even have multiple uses, containing space for steaming food and air frying.

Range Or Wall Oven
When it comes to choosing an electric cooker, you can have the oven itself separate from the cooking hob, too. Some prefer the oven to be affixed to the wall for easier access and to prevent them from having to bend down to put things in or take them out. This means that you can have the hob below the wall oven, or somewhere else in the kitchen. This provides you with a bit more flexibility when designing your kitchen area. A range, however, is generally better for smaller kitchens as it will keep everything confined to one area in the room, so make this choice wisely.

Double Or Single
Depending on how many people you’re usually cooking for or how complex your meals tend to be, you might want to consider installing a double oven. This is done with wall ovens as it will require a substantial amount of vertical space. These will be independent ovens with their own electricity supply and settings, allowing you to cook two different things at different temperatures simultaneously. This is likely a bit overkill for an independent bachelor or a couple that doesn’t have children. However, a large family can benefit from this greatly, especially if you host extended family and friends regularly for holidays or other major events.

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