Lowest price, storage space, and the right amenities: it’s important to keep these in mind while choosing a storage unit to protect our belongings. It’s also difficult to choose from the different options available when you enter “findstoragefast” into the search box, however. To help you along, this article will walk you through the things you should consider while searching for the right storage unit for your belongings, from your old dining room table to your retired bedroom sets.

Compare features and prices of storage units.

Pricing for storage units can make us worry about our credit cards, especially when we need a variety of amenities for our items. Some units offer promotions; one of the most popular promotions for storage units is 1st month free storage for first-time renters. When looking for a storage unit, it is important to compare the features and prices of different storage facilities to find the perfect storage unit for the best price.


When comparing features and prices, absolutely ask about the following:

  • Climate control for hot dry summers, humid summers, cold winters, temperate winters, and the like
  • Security features, such as gated access or video surveillance of the unit
  • Availability of dollies or carts to help with the legwork
  • The facility’s location
  • Different unit sizes
  • If it is 24-hour access
  • What type of items the storage facility allows
  • If it is a self-storage unit
  • The average price of renting the unit
  • The minimum or maximum square feet
  • If there is any insurance if items are lost, stolen, or damaged
  • Any other fees, such as late fees or administrative fees

Always seek out great discounts, price savings, and special offers to avoid paying too much for storage. That first-month free storage can be a big deal for new renters who are moving and may need storage at a nearby location for a short period of time. Restrictions may apply, but it is still a fair shout to look for promotions so you can find the best storage for the lowest price or lowest rate.

Ask friends for recommendations for storage units.


A good first step when looking for a storage facility is to ask friends for recommendations. Chatting first with a friend can foster peace of mind that a long list of storage options may not; friends can offer a helping hand during the overwhelming task of finding storage facilities that are right for you, especially if you need a temporary solution fast. Friends can provide first-hand accounts on listings, monthly pricing, and whether or not the facility is in a convenient location.

Decide what will be stored in the storage unit.

When choosing a storage unit, you should keep in mind what will be stored in it. Different storage units are best for different items. For example, a climate-controlled storage unit is best for storing indoor furniture, electronics, and appliances, while a non-climate-controlled storage unit is best for storing boxes of clothes, patio sets, and kitchen items.

You should also consider the size of the storage unit during your search. If you only have a few seasonal items to store, you may be able to get away with a small unit. However, if you have a lot of items to store while moving into a new home or apartment, you will need a larger unit. If you’re planning a trip and need vehicle storage, or you’re a devoted camper and need a place to store your RV, you will need to see if the storage facility offers a car garage and/or a larger size option with their amenities.

Sign a lease and pay a security deposit for your storage unit.

When you sign a lease, you are agreeing to “rent”, or pay a certain amount of money each month for the use of the storage unit. In addition to rent, you will also likely be required to pay a security deposit for your unit to reserve your storage unit as well as protect the storage company in case you break your lease or damage the unit. This is a one-time payment that typically amounts to one month’s rent paid alongside the first month’s rent. This makes first-month free storage promotions all the more appealing. Choosing the right storage unit for your needs is to, of course, ensure that you are getting the best value for your money. Applying the above filters to your search can reduce the various storage solution options to the ones that best suit your needs. By understanding the different types of storage units and what each one offers, you can make an informed decision about what storage unit is best for you.

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