Whether it’s a picnic at sea or relaxing on the beach, waterproof bags are a must-have for protecting gear from water, dust and sand. Needtounplug can advise you on finding the ideal waterproof bag. Sand, ultraviolet rays, potential humidity, salt… During the trip, it will not threaten your clothes or your electronic equipment. Waterproof bags are the ideal solution to avoid these problems and effectively protect your belongings.

Whether your adventure takes place in white water, with a helmet and canoe, stand-up paddles,… water sports enthusiasts or hikers need a good waterproof backpack. The waterproof backpack (also known as the kayak bag) was created to keep your gear organized, safe and reliable, and most importantly to keep it dry, regardless of the natural conditions of your trip! But, which waterproof bag to choose and how to choose?

However, not all waterproof backpacks are created equal. Some can meet the expectations of outdoor enthusiasts and perform well even in the toughest conditions, while others can allow water to quickly enter the target bag. Mount it even from the waterproof bag.

From durable and lightweight backpacks to large waterproof backpacks, manufacturers can find a wide variety of military surplus products. It is important to check a few points to find a bag suitable for your activity.

How to choose your waterproof bag?


0 to 40 liters: Very suitable for transporting small equipment on the boat, very suitable for small outings at sea to protect your keys, mobile phone, GPS, tablet or beach towel.

40 to 60 liters: Suitable as a small travel bag for competitions or trips on the water. Large enough to be useful on weekends. It can easily slip into the cabin and be easily carried on the shoulders.

60L to 80L: For long courses or weekends, it can transfer enough work or safely transport bulky equipment. Ideal for long courses or demanding runners.

Over 80 liters: Perfect waterproof travel bag. The wheeled model has great processing power, and the wheeled bag can be pulled on the sidewalk or at the airport without putting too much pressure on the arm.

If you are not too much of a fan of the capacity in liters of waterproof bags, we will help you choose the right waterproof bag like the following: 

The waterproof mini bag is very suitable for items such as cell phones and wallets, as well as items needed in nature. For example, you can use it for first aid kits, headlights, flashlights or water purifiers. There are many benefits to buying multiple pouches as they can help you better organize your gear. Additionally, small bags are often used to protect high value items, such as trekking poles, as these small bags can be loaded into medium or large backpacks.

Medium Bags – Medium bags are great for camping stoves, hiking shoes, hiking backpacks, and bulky items. Plus, they often make great pillows if they are filled with sportswear or other soft materials. Some like to use medium sized bags to keep food safe overnight (by hanging the bag out of reach of pets). Although this is an acceptable use, it is important to use very thin waterproof bags for this type of use.

Large, larger capacity dry bag, the large dry bag is perfect for your sleeping bags, camping blankets and clothing. However, you can also fill them with ultra-light travel bags or small waterproof storage devices to protect and organize your devices (smartphone, GPS, camera, binoculars …). For example, if you have to travel with a laptop, it is recommended that you use several waterproof bags to protect your valuables and divide them into several parts. You can also use a large waterproof bag to protect Nordic walking poles.


The seam is the weak point of the bag. Most bags are heated at high frequency to prevent water leakage, but there are 3 types of closures:

3-circuit folding closure. The efficient and unmatched appearance allows it to be completely submerged in water quickly, while protecting its contents from water and dust. This easy and effective closure can protect your property even if your luggage is completely submerged. Please note that after a period of time underwater, the reliability of waterproofing will decrease. Therefore, products which are not continuously dispensed are preferred. It is also important to note that these bags should not be refilled, otherwise they will not close properly and lose their main feature: water resistance.

Compression bag. It is more practical than a foldable wooden log bag, when the zipper is not waterproof, it is sometimes lined with a protective housing. All zipper bags can easily access items without having to empty them.

The submersibles of the cases. The must to protect your electrical equipment, they are resistant to both dust and water. With a removable foam interior, they protect perfectly with their rigid shells and O-rings.


Backpack: Suitable for carrying gear on trails, beaches, or just to hold certain items while cruising, waterproof backpacks can usually be loaded while stretching. The strap style has a solid navy look. Some backpacks are designed to carry laptops or digital tablets. In this case, they form a narrow compartment, allowing light and solids to enter at the same time. The effectiveness of the backpack is recognized. Its waterproof version is also waterproof, because in addition to offering you a certain comfort, it also ensures that your luggage stays dry. It is very suitable for hiking, at sea or before boarding, it allows you to free your hands. Just like tubular bags, there are many different formats and sizes that you can adjust to suit your research goal. The waterproof version of the backpack is guaranteed by a waterproof flap or zipper. There are also models specially designed for carrying electronic devices such as laptops or digital tablets.

Saddlebag: At daily work, at work, on a boat or on the beach. The waterproof outer pocket has a typical nautical look and is very useful for traveling in wet weather when you need to carry files or a computer with you.

Waterproof bags: For transporting fragile, technical and / or electrical equipment, these bags offer the best protection thanks to the solid case and O-rings equipped with waterproof seals. The interior foam can be moved to contain the contents and help absorb shock in the event of a fall or fall. Its capacity varies from 1 liter to 40 liters and its weight from 1 to 10 kg.

Waterproof cases and protective cases: For more professional knowledge, there are various waterproof cases that allow you to use your smartphone / tablet / computer in a marine environment. Therefore, there are simple pockets that allow your device to slide, these pockets are attached to different locking systems for tactical equipment. For iPad and iPhone there are also specially modified waterproof cases. Lightweight and thin, it can provide prizes and nutritional points.


A trip, an outing at sea: in order to transport basic necessities, but protect your property from sand and humidity. It is light and convenient and can store keys or cell phones.

Weekend Travel: In order to make it easier to carry certain items for storage in limited space, some models provide a pressure relief valve to reduce the size of the bag. You must carry a camping duffel bag with you for a weekend trip.  

Water sport: Convenient packing bags can properly transport and store the equipment. It does not have to be a backpack that is easy to carry on an airplane or on the beach, but must have a good capacity to hold materials and parts. This way, you will be comfortable and calm while practicing your favorite sports (jet skiing, diving or surfing).

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