How To Clean Dirty Dark Lines Around Our Carpet Edges


In homes, carpets add grace, color, and liveliness. No matter how big or small your home is, it is important to add elegance to attract the visitor’s sight. Homeowners bring expensive and high-quality carpets to their homes. What about the cleaning of the carpets? With continuous usage of the carpets, there are chances of getting dirty edges. You’ll get to see dark lines on the edges of the carpets. This is a sign that you need to do proper cleaning to avoid the dark edge. But, what should you do? How to clean dirty dark lines around our carpet edges? If you are confused about it then you need to read the below-mentioned pointers explained by professional carpet cleaners Canberra in the industry.

Here are the steps of cleaning that you should do to clean the edges of the carpets-

  1. Using the brush or scrapper

First of all, you need to clean the carpet’s edges with a brush. For this, you can use the hard-bristle brush to scrub the corners of the carpet. You can also use a pull scraper that ensures effective cleaning of the edges of the carpet. In this step, you need to scrap the fiber of the carpet. 

  1. Vacuum clean the corners

Now, in this step, you can install the crevice tool on the end of your vacuum cleaner. In this way, vacuum the scraped surface fibers of the carpet. This is useful for removing the sand from the carpet. After scrapping and vacuum cleaning, you will see a lot of improvement in the edges of the carpet.

  1. Use Hot Water

Now, you need to use the hot water to clean dirty dark lines around our carpet edges. When you clean it with hot water it will clean your carpet deeply and also removes mold if there are any in the carpet. So, use a clean cloth for rubbing it on the carpet. 

  1. Apply a carpet cleaner

The next step is to apply a carpet cleaner to the corners of your carpet. There is the availability of a lot of carpet cleaners in the market that you can use. Read the instructions carefully before applying this cleaner. This is important to avoid any sort of damage to the carpet. Also, do a patch test on the hidden part of the carpet to avoid any damage later.

  1. Wash the carpet

The final step is to wash and then dry the carpet. So, first of all, rinse it with water and rub it with a clean white cloth. This will help to soak the excess water from the carpet. After this, you need to dry the carpet for at least 4 to 5 hours. 


The dirty edges of the carpet can ruin the overall look of the home’s interior. Thus, you need to clean dirty dark lines around our carpet edges with the above-mentioned steps. These steps will remove the dirty edges with ease. So, try these steps to make your carpet like a new one. However, if you feel the need for carpet cleaning experts, you can hire a professional company. 

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