Mistakes When Cleaning the Kitchen Counter


Chimneys have nowadays given a new look to the kitchen and also have become a trend; in most the Kitchen, you will find a chimney because food creates lots of fumes and smoke. Using the chimney is easy but cleaning it is quite difficult, every chimney needs to be cleaned every two months. All the oil and smoke used in the kitchen load up in the chimney and block the chimney sometimes. Most people are not able to clean their chimneys hence they call a professional cleaner. It is the best way to sweep chimneys and have a clean ventilation system.

Chimney primarily removes airborne grease, combustion products, fumes, smoke, heat, steam and any odours from the kitchen. It helps increase ventilation. The aluminium mesh grease filter should be washed once a month. Whereas baffle filters which are used by professionals can be used for a longer time.


Now in Indian houses where we cook food filled with spice and all, it’s always preferred to have a baffle type filter or a mesh type filter. There can be various models to purchase depending upon your kitchen size and requirement. Make sure that you use the dishwashing liquid to clean your chimneys because dishwashing liquid easily gets away with all the grease stains on the chimney, but it only works for light stains.


So the first way was to clean it with a dishwashing liquid if you do not have a dishwashing liquid you can also prefer to clean your stains with baking soda. Baking soda and lemon are mostly used together especially when it comes to kitchen work.


It has citric acid and other essential elements that help in removing all the dirt and stains. Here it is widely used with baking soda. If you do not have a baking soda you can just use vinegar by adding lots and lots of vinegar in boiling water, and then immersing your chimney filters for around two hours in it. Remove it and clean it with clean water and you may see the difference. Many times, there are stubborn stains therefore it’s best to hire chimney sweep services.


Apart from this thinner is also used for cleaning filters, there is a substance that removes every stain very easily. A thinner is extremely strong in smell and work. This is easy, take a cloth and apply some thinner to it. Scrub your chimney filters with this cloth until and unless all these spots are removed. And then wash them with fresh water.


Use caustic soda for cleaning your kitchen chimney filters; it is a natural ingredient and can remove stains very easily. Using caustic soda is a bit different from the others because when adding hot water, it produces Fumes. Cover your nose and make sure that you do not inhale those fumes. At times excessive use or direct use can also burn your skin and hands. But this will not work for harsh stains, you need to hire chimney sweep services.


Hence these were some ways in which you can clean your chimney filters and make them strain-free. There can be some other methods and techniques that you might be using which are much more effective, but these are highly used and trusted. Standard chimney sweep services by professionals are the best to clean your chimney properly.