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Oh my! Dirt, dust, and grime are your new best friends if you haven’t cleaned your laptop. An unclean laptop can impact your health and also your pocket cause there are increased chances of laptop malfunction. The accumulated dirt will make your laptop slower, overheat your batteries, damage the keyboard, and much more. While you cannot simply take a broom and brush to clean your laptop, Carolina phone and iPad repair provide guidelines for cleaning your laptop at home. Let’s have a look

A guide to internal cleaning of the laptop-Carolina Phone and iPad repair

The internal health of the computer plays a great role in the device’s functionality. By following a few steps, we can increase the storage space and overall functionality of the device. Also, the squeaky clean laptop will make you fall in love within no time.

1. Basic and Essential Step

Shut down your laptop. Make sure to unplug it before you start cleaning. If possible, try to remove the batteries of the laptop. This will help in deep cleaning the laptop without worrying about the impact of humidity on the batteries.

2. Clean the Interior of the Laptop

Take the compressed can of air and squeeze it. Remember to point it away from the laptop. This will help to get rid of the condensation if any. After that use, the compressed can air blows air into the keyboard, USB ports, and any other holes. Make sure to not place the compressed air can stick into the holes. Also, avoid long busts. This can lead to moisture inside the laptop. It is ideal to go for shorter air busts. This will breathe a new life into your laptop. You will notice how efficiently it will start working.

3. Clean the Exterior of the Laptop

After this, we can clean the exterior of the laptop. Always remember to never use any cleaning liquids directly on your laptop. Always pour the cleaning solution or alcohol on a microfiber cloth. Do wring it, if the micro-fiber cloth is dripping wet. Now scrub the exterior of the laptop with the help of a cloth. Also, eliminate the LCD Screen. Use a soft cloth to scrub it clean. Remember to do it gently and not be harsh.

4. Clean the Keyboard Of the Laptop

Start cleaning the keyboard with the help of a dry microfiber cloth. Try to remove the dust and grim in between the keys using air pressure with the help of a compressed can. Also, use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to disinfect between the keys. A new toothbrush can also do the trick of cleaning in between the keys. Still, if some dust or crumbs are left in between the keys, use air pressure to get rid of them.

5. Clean the LCD Screen of the Laptop

Clean the screen using a soft microfiber cloth with horizontal and vertical swipes. Do not spray water directly on the screen. Always use an alcohol-water mixture solution. Here too, make sure to not spray the solution directly onto the LCD Screen. Lastly, make sure that the screen is completely air-dried before you close the laptop. By repeating these steps regularly every week you will have a sparkly clean laptop that will have a positive impact on your health.


If still you are unable to clean your laptop, then visit the nearest computer repair specialist like Quack Quack Phone Repair. They provide quality repair services in a cost-effective manner.

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