Nothing quite like cannabis products’ scent, including Delta 8 THC. The smell is so potent that it’s impossible to miss it, and it’s so easily recognizable. Though you might not mind the scent yourself, the chances are that people around you might not appreciate it. Or maybe you don’t want others to know that you indulge in consuming Delta 8 THC now and then. Or perhaps you’re in the business of growing and selling weed and don’t want the smell to bother surrounding businesses. Well, don’t you worry, we know exactly what you can do to mask the smell of your weed. Read on and prepare yourself to be discreet before you start searching Google for ‘delta 8 near me,’ we promise these tips and tricks will help.

Let’s start by first looking at what cannabis odor smells like, why it’s essential to control the scent, and then finally move on to what you can do to prevent it.


Weed has a very distinctive scent, and even though each variant smells different from the others, there’s one particular undertone common across all. Remember that we’re talking about natural products like the flower and the leaves, not the flavored and modified products like vapes and gummies and oil – those smell like whatever flavor they are. Back to the scent of weed, what makes it recognizable is the wet, earthy, and rash tone that stings the throat. It’s a powerful smell, and you won’t miss it once you recognize it.

Let’s take a look at why it’s essential to control the odor of weed.


The odor of weed – significantly when it is growing and developing resin – is so strong that it can pass to your surrounding businesses and cause trouble with them. Moreover, it can be too potent and unbearable that it’ll make it difficult for the workers to stay in the room for too long without feeling impacted. If you are a business growing and selling weed, then odor control is significant to your business’s smooth and functional running.

If you are a consumer of weed, controlling the odor of weed is equally as important. While weed is legal in most areas, and the smoke/smell won’t get you in trouble about possessing and consuming cannabis, it might get you in trouble with your neighbors and management.

The management and covering up of weed odor is a big concern. There are different products available to mask the smell of weed, and there are some regular household items you can use in case you don’t want to spend any extra money. Let’s look at how you can cover up the scent of weed.


The scent of weed may be potent, but it’s not too hard to control and cover up. Here are some products that can mask the smell of weed:


According to an article by Royal Queen Seeds, the healthiest and most effective way of controlling the scent of weed is through carbon filters. You can either buy a carbon filter or even make one yourself at home – they are easy and cheap to make!

To get rid of the scent of weed, place your carbon filter on your ventilation fan. As the air goes through the fan, the carbon filter will trap the terpenes or those molecules that conduct the scent of weed.


One of the most compelling and instantaneous ways of controlling the scent of weed is through odor neutralizers. These are available in gel and block form and do not have a strong odor, making them perfect for you if you don’t want any strong smell in your environment.

Odor neutralizers don’t just cover up the scent by introducing another strong smell in the environment; they work by slowly processing and filtering the air to kill the smell and neutralize the molecules.


Inarguably, the most inexpensive and effective way of dealing with the scent of odor is by ensuring proper ventilation where you store or use your weed. You can either buy a ventilation device and install it in your window or open as many windows as possible.


One of the more accessible and more household-friendly ways of dealing with the scent of weed is by diffusing essential oils or placing potpourri near your weed plants or near where you are smoking. Your space will smell nice with no trace of the smell of weed, but you can also benefit from the properties of the essential oils. Tip: use lavender and jasmine to relax!


If you want to cover the scent of weed with something else but don’t want that scent to last too long, then air fresheners are the best way of controlling the odor of weed. Spray a little air freshener when you are smoking weed, or spray some every couple of hours where you grow your weed.


As absurd as it might sound, you can intentionally burn a packet of popcorn. It’s one of those methods that you can use when you can’t think of anything else or don’t have something that has a strong enough scent to cover the smell of weed. According to an article by Way of Leaf, and many other magazines, burning popcorn releases a unique scent that effectively covers up the smell of weed.

These are some of the ways to control weed’s scent.


If you don’t want your housemates or neighbors to know you have weed or want to be a good neighbor and not bother people with the strong scent of delta-8 thc, then these tips and products can help you cover up that smell.

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