Converting to Word is one of the best functions a PDF file editor can offer. All types of operations, from text editing to a comprehensive redesign, are unlocked by this approach. The next time you need to edit a PDF made by someone else or can’t find the original Word file, just convert the PDF to Word. Documents that may be distributed easily and uniformly by all parties are in PDF format. It might be useful to create documents using another software and then convert those papers into PDFs. Here is a tutorial on converting PDF to Word .

How to convert from PDF to Word using FacePdf

  • Go to the FacePdf site.
  • From the home page, choose the Online Tools menu. Select View More.
  • From the list of icons, choose PDF to Word.
  • You may convert a PDF file by dragging and dropping it. Automatic conversion into a Word file will begin.
  • When it’s ready, download your converted document and see it in your browser.

What is FacePdf?

A collection of PDF utilities which form the basis for the FacePdf platform  is built  to meet all of your needs for managing and converting PDF files. It does more than just convert PDF to Word. This feature transforms a PDF file to a Word document while preserving all formatting. In terms of maintaining fonts and layout, including bullets and tables, it is the best quality and most accurate PDF to.doc/.docx converter. No registration is required, and the conversion of PDF files may be done fast and effortlessly. The installation is easily accessible from FacePdf. You are only able to convert up to 5 pages using the free option. You’ll need the software’s premium edition for anything PDF with more than 5 pages.

What is the difference between all these FacePdf features?

Essentially, everything depends on the functions and actions that you need.

For instance, the FacePdf website-based features, such as the ability to convert a PDF to Word, are straightforward, one-stop solution for users looking for PDF document management.

These features are free but have some restrictions. You are limited to utilising one file at a time while using them. It shouldn’t be an issue for fast fixes.

If I wish to convert a PDF to a Word file, is FacfePdf actually free?

Only those features on websites, like the PDF converter, are capable of doing more than just converting PDF files. You should be aware that when using these PDF conversion tools, you will only be working with single documents.

Keep in mind that FacePdf desktop and online programmes also offer free trials. They are quick and simple to download and install, and you can use the desktop version to operate offline if necessary.

Is FacePdf safe to use to convert a PDF to Word?

The short answer is: absolutely!  We host FacePdf in Switzerland.

Millions of people use the website and PDF conversion tool from FacePdf each month, and both are completely safe.

We protect your photographs, documents, and data with SSL encryption and delete all files after processing, even Word files.

You may always save the PDF file to Google Drive if you’d want to have it readily available for sharing once you choose the PDF file, submit it to the site, and it’s finished converting.

You may always download the FacePdf Desktop version for Windows to work offline and convert PDF files into editable Word documents.

How do I fill in a PDF form on a Mac?

Using FacePdf, it is feasible to complete PDF forms on a Mac. You don’t need to install any additional software on your computer because FacePdf runs in your browser. Also included in the Preview software for Mac users is the ability to complete PDF forms with fields. Save your PDF file locally on your Mac before doing this.

Users of PDF to Doc Converter

You may modify the Word document or extract its contents using the free online PDF converter offered by FacePdf.

One of the favourite tools for professionals is our online PDF to Doc converter.

  • Writers
  • Publishers
  • Bloggers
  • Marketers
  • Students

Benefits of PDF to Word Converter

There are several advantages for users of the PDF to Word converter on FacePdf. This facility has high-quality features that set it apart from other converters that can be found online. The following benefits are available to you when using our PDF to Docx conversion tool.

  • 100% Free

On our online portal, there are no fees related with converting PDF to Word. Users of the online PDF to Word converter are free to convert as many PDF files as they would like. No longer do you have to spend anything to convert a PDF to a Word document.

  • High-Quality

All users of our PDF to Word converter are guaranteed high-quality conversion. Unfortunately, a lot of internet applications reduce the document’s quality while changing its file type. However, our online service offers you with high-quality PDF to Word conversion while maintaining the layout of your supplied documents.

  • Safe and Secure

While converting them, you don’t need to be concerned about the privacy of your private PDF files. Our tool’s sophisticated algorithms ensure that your data is kept secure. Your files are also not stored in our tool’s databases; as soon as the conversion is finished, we securely delete your file from our servers.

  • Compatible with All Formats

One of the main reasons why consumers choose not to use some beneficial services is compatibility. However, because it is compatible with all major operating systems, including Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux, our PDF to Word converter ensures that you won’t run into any compatibility problems.

  • Use on Any Device, Anywhere

The users of the online PDF to Word converter can access the service from any location in the world. To use this online service, all you need is a reliable internet connection. Therefore, you may effortlessly convert PDF to Word for free by accessing it using your device’s default browser, whether you have a tablet, laptop, desktop, or smartphone.