YouTube is a popular platform for viewing, sharing, and recording videos online. Sometimes we want to download our favorite movies and we never want to miss them again.

YouTube is a hub for business, news, entertainment, and even filmmaking. However, Wi-Fi is not available when we are in a cafe, on the train, or anywhere other than our remote location. This blocks our conversation.

YouTube includes video download capabilities, but there are some limitations if you want to save your favorite videos for high quality access anytime without a network connection.

Imagine you have planned a movie night with your friends. Everything is ready, like the projector, laptop and speakers, but the internet is slow. What will this experience be like?

Boring! Normal? Since the movie pauses and loads every few seconds, it distracts your entire interest in the movie.

Well, technology has a solution to this problem. It is better to use the handy Youtube to Mp3 Converter to convert YouTube videos to MP4. It is the best file format for streaming movies on the internet. Besides, MP4 format can save pictures and other objects on your device.

Note: There are many videos on YouTube that you cannot download in any format. Check the video details to see if the video is legal. Beware of copyright on certain films. If you are caught downloading such videos, you may incur legal liability or a fine.

Why do we need to convert YouTube videos to MP4 videos?

The main reasons why you need to convert YouTube videos to MP4 format are as follows:

MP4 can store audio and video files, as well as photos and subtitles.

MP4 files are easy to edit and customize.

YouTube uses the FLV format, which is incompatible with various mobile devices or Mac computers. MP4 is the best option for such devices.

If you need to play videos repeatedly or face frequent network issues in your area, Youtube to MP4 Converterare the best option for enjoying videos offline.

We can convert YouTube videos to MP4, which allows us to enjoy our favorite videos, songs, videos and academic lessons without interruption. One of the easiest ways is to use VLC. Different people use VLC to play videos which have already been recorded. The weird thing is that you can even use it to convert YouTube videos to MP4. Some of the steps will sound strange, but are actually very simple and straightforward.

Download VLC if you haven’t already and follow these steps:

Select the video you want to play on YouTube. Click on the video.

Copy the URL of the YouTube video (the URL that will appear in the search bar after the video plays).

Go to VLC player, click on Media and select an open network stream. A text box will appear.

Paste the link to the YouTube video URL into the text box on the Network tab.

Click the play option to stream a YouTube video. It will be played in the VLC player.

There will be a tab in the bar called “Tools” in VLC support.

Click on “Tools” and you will get an “About Codec” option.

Select Codec Info.

A window will appear; Copy the URL into the Location text box at the bottom of this window.

Note: It can be difficult to make sure that you have selected the entire URL because it may be too long. Click once on the URL and press Ctrl + A to select all, then press Ctrl + C to copy. This is your command to select long text.

Paste the URL into the address bar of your web browser. The video is displayed.

Right click on the video file and select “Save As,” then the viewer will allow you to save the video to your computer.

Give it a name of your choice to recognize the video.

Select the folder where you want to save the video.

Click Save to download your favorite YouTube video to your computer.

After downloading the video, check if it has been converted to MP4 format by playing it in VLC player. Otherwise, it may have been saved in FLV format.

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