Are you looking to update your home interiors and style? Contemporary styles are ideal as they suit a range of homes and lifestyles and are a favourite of ours. There is a wide range of contemporary furniture in Brisbane and across Australia, for you to choose from when updating your home. Here are our favourite tips on how to create a contemporary interior style. 

Firstly, what is contemporary style?

Contemporary decorating style is current and also timeless. It speaks to the moment yet doesn’t date as the years go on. It’s easy to get contemporary and modern styles confused. Modern decor is minimal and can often lack warmth and personality. Contemporary design has more life and warmth and feels calming with a strong focus on architectural elements, larger scales, unique points of interest with a sophisticated feel. 

How to start your contemporary interior styling

If you’re not sure how to start transforming your home to a contemporary style, the best place to start is with the floors. Keep your flooring simple with classic wooden floors. Introduce a rug with a minimal geometric pattern. Depending on the size of the room, opt for a larger rug to create a strong feature of the room. When looking for lights, invest in lights that are simple and blend into the space. Strategically place the lights where they can highlight features of the room including any architectural features. If your house has any unique moldings or exposed details don’t cover them up, highlight them as a feature of the room. Mix metals and materials together to create a point of interest. For example, if you have a glass coffee table place metal candle holders and stone coasters together. 

Contemporary Furniture

When it comes to purchasing your contemporary furniture there is no need to go overboard. Choose furnishings that create points of interest in your home. Style these with clean, minimal geometric silhouettes. Less is also more, in this case, look at pieces made from natural inviting materials. If you’re wanting upholstered pieces continue with natural materials such as cottons, wools, and silks. To brighten up your home introduce pops of colour through your cushions and other accessories. Purchase accessories that are geometric such as rugs, artwork and sculptures that add hints of personality throughout your home. 

Contemporary Colours

When choosing the contemporary colour palette for your home start with white, grey, and neutrals as your base and main colours. There are the foundation design colours of any contemporary home. Don’t be afraid of too many neutrals, you can introduce colours through accessories in the home such as artworks, objects, and homewares in each room. If this doesn’t seem like enough bold colours for you, create a pop colour feature wall. Keep this as your main colour throughout the home by matching back your homewares and accessories. Remember to keep the flooring and ceiling colour light if you’re choosing to have a statement wall to compliment and brighten this feature.

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