How to decide if family therapy is the right choice for you


As Tolstoy said, all happy families resemble each other, but the unhappy ones are unhappy in their own way. With every family having its unique set of challenges, it is extremely hard to find the right manual to follow to have a happy family life.

And unless these life issues are addressed, the quality of life of all the stakeholders is severely compromised, and this is where family counseling in Dubai can be of help.

What is family counseling?

Family counseling is a specialized type of therapy in which an expert sits with the entire family to help resolve their issues. It is aimed at remedying the emotional, behavioral, psychological, and social issues that afflict and affect the family.

How to decide if family therapy is the right choice for your family?

Deciding to go for family therapy is not an easy task. Parents feel a lot of pressure to have the answer themselves, and by deferring to a therapist, they think they have failed.

Moreover, it is not an easy job to take your family issues to virtually a stranger, even if they are mental health professionals.

However, resorting to a family therapist is important under certain circumstances which include:

Addictions and similar problems

Family counseling is helpful when dealing with mental health challenges like addictions. Whether it be the children trying drugs, or parents who are alcoholics, such problems have a lasting impact on the entire family. Therefore, counseling is necessary for all members to overcome this issue and remedy its scars.

Distant and cold behaviors

Having personal space is important, but if the family is very distant, then it is a sign that you need help. Having social support is imperative for all people, but if the family members are not even communicating with each other, then how can they lend a shoulder. Distances might be present due to several factors, and family counseling can be of help in shortening them.

Emotional reactions

Emotions are not right or wrong, but if the reaction is disproportionate to the situation, it may be indicative of deeper issues running in the family. These then need to be addressed with the aid of a family therapist.

Mental health issues

If anyone of the family members is presenting with mental health issues, it helps to consult a family therapist. It may be that the mental health problems are due to the skewed family dynamics, or the impaired mental health of others is affecting the entire family. In either case, the problem needs to be done with the help of an expert.


If a family experiences a trauma of any sort, it can have a very grave impact on the well-being of the entire family. Common traumas that call for the help of an expert include death, loss, divorce, accident, cheating, etc.

These trying times need extra help from an expert to navigate. Trauma can also posit other mental health challenges, meriting the help of an expert. You can try visiting to get over 200+ certified professionals for trauma resolution at an affordable price.