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How to Dispose of an Old Phone


Every year, new phones are introduced into the market with better features. Because of this, most people will upgrade after a year or two? But what happened to the old phone? Do you put it in the drawer and soon throw it in the trash, or do you find a way to dispose of it safely? Maybe you have heard people mention ecoATMs and asked what is ecoATM or have heard people saying they sell and wondered where you could sell yours. Here are some ideas on how to dispose of your old phone.

Use the US Environmental Protection Agency

Go to EPA’s website. The agency does not directly handle old phones, but it has a guide that will give you the information you need. The EPA’s directory has a list of places you can recycle or donate electronics, including cell phones. The guide breaks down how you can dispose of a phone depending on the logo, company name, and other additional benefits.

Find a Drop-off Location

There are several drop-off sites that allow you to dispose of your phone and get paid. A quick search like ecoATMs near me can give you several options. Choose the most convenient one for you. Such drop-off sites give you money for your phone. Technically, it is like they are buying it. The amount you get from your phone will depend on your device’s model, brand, condition, and memory. These shops are often located in popular locations for convenience purposes.

Sell the Phone

If you have sworn to live an eco-friendly lifestyle, there is no doubt you want anything plastic to be recycled or reused. So, instead of staying with an old phone or throwing it away, why not sell it to someone else to reuse it. Not everyone can afford a new model when it comes out. And a one- or two-year old phone is still in fairly good condition. The best part is that you will get some money out of it which you can use for other things.

Donate It

Another way to dispose of a phone is by donating it. If you do not want the hassle of selling the old phone or letting it go to waste, donate it. There are several places that accept old phones as donations. Just ensure that the phone is functioning before giving it out.

Do not let an old phone lie on your shelves and collect dust when you can make money from it or help the next person. Take a look at the options mentioned above and see which one best suits you.

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