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How to draw a pencil still, life is called the class of fine arts, in which the artist captures objects of inanimate nature. Translated from the French, so it sounds “dead nature.” However, it is considered an English phrase still life, which translates as “fixed life.”


Still, life art emerged as a genre in the 17th century in Holland. Painting common objects, artists sought to express their plastic and even poetry. Throughout the history of painting, masters experiment with form, color, texture, and compositional solutions by cool drawing.

Run a pencil is still the life stage – for emerging artists, the task is not so complicated. The main thing – to select the desired song and see it from a spatial perspective. This short lesson will help to realize the mark again.


Step by step, looking at how to start a job, they do not mistake objects in space and draw to describe light and shadow correctly. The very first thing you need to do is take something for still life. Please do not take too much for drawing complex subjects, and it is better to take a picture of the most ordinary object that is geometrically clear from a cup, a fruit box. You can use images, but it is preferable to pay attention to nature. Only in them will you have more opportunity to consider things and specify the details in detail. As you understand the art of noiseless life,


Before you draw a pencil still alive, step by step, you will post items next to each other, not forgetting about the light source. Objects can place at a certain distance, but it is interesting if they are slightly overlapping edges. The flow of light from the lamp allows more meaningfully to emphasize the contrast of shades and highlights. It is better if it falls to the side. Rely not on an artificial, and the light of day, you must remember that the light is not in place, so the angles of light and shadow will change.


Before you draw a still life, pencil phased mark up objects location. Their edges and lines intersect each other. More precise plane in which things lie horizontal lines behind the composition delimiting desks and walls. We will outline the future: to describe objects in three-dimensional space, remember that they cannot draw a straight line. The size of the things closer to us represents more than those that are located in.

Sketch makes it easy to slip lines. Not to be confused with the dimensions of the subjects mentally representing the central axis for each of them. You can draw it on a sheet on which we draw a pencil still alive. Gradually geometry underlying each object and from it creates the object. At the core of an apple and a cup are the circumference of the box obtained from parallelepipeds, Sugar Bowl based on the square, and the lid – oval.

Once the form is determined, start defining things cleanly and making sure lines. With the assist of an eraser, get rid of the original lines.


How to draw a pencil still alive, gradually creating volume objects? Here, the important role is played by shadows and highlights. Copy them from nature, denser shading darker parts of things. It is also essential to consider what part of the blackout components exaggerated, how and where objects cast shadows on other entities, and the plane.

Ready sketches are brought to perfection by correcting photo details, combined shadow strokes, and textures of objects.

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