Marketing in today’s online world is directly related to consumers picking on modern technologies. Supporting a wide variety of smartphones has made it incredibly popular in places with significant SMS charges, like Brazil, Mexico and Malaysia — where 60 % of the population is using WhatsApp.

Whatsapp’s reach as an advertising medium is remarkable for its enormous massiveness: individuals around the world, cultures and social conditions are among its members. That implies this software is used by most people who form your target audience.

Why is turning to Whatsapp Marketing beneficial?

There are several factors why they suggest that you incorporate WhatsApp as part of your communication strategies. WhatsApp allows you to communicate with your consumers directly and on the basis of real time. This presents a huge advantage of getting to know the opinions of the clients (e.g., by questionnaires) and providing tailored care. It’s a perfect forum to distribute the suggestions, ads and notifications in relation to this.

 Its significant support for digital content lets you send catalogues, pamphlets, images, audios, references and all sorts of business-related data directly into your customer’s hands. WhatsApp allows you to build groups of up to 256 people, which is a wonderful chance for direct meetings and focus group research to be carried out. They are also a great tool for coordinating activities for your clients and employees at your company.

Famous Whatsapp Marketing Examples

One of them being Vodka Absolut’s brand, you’ll check out Whatsapp’s massive arrival in Argentina (84 percent among smartphone users) Planned to take advantage of the platform by holding an exciting event to promote the new edition of one of its brands. To join Absolut’s gathering, people have had to try and persuade Steve to involve them on the invite list. They had to submit as innovative as possible, via WhatsApp chat, images, texts, audios and all sorts of content.

Another perfect illustration of Whatsapp Marketing is the example of Toyota Corporation, which had a bright idea in 2012 to reap the benefits of one of Whatsapp’s features to support its initiative through a challenge. People would have put the term “Hybridised” in their Whatsapp status to engage. Toyota has been in the minds of thousands of viewers as a result, and it managed to draw whole portions of its viewers for months.

Tips to boost your business through Whatsapp Marketing

WhatsApp offers you the ability to assist your customers and answer their problems in actual time by texting, voice calling or teleconferencing. This approach enables you not only to enhance the quality of customer experience but also to be committed to your customers through clear and customized care.

As mentioned earlier, Whatsapp allows you to build groups of up to 256 members. Through this functionality, you can build a “collaborative dialogue” in which all users can participate. In this way, an ideal space is created for surveying different markets and gathering first-hand knowledge for your market research. Consequently, they are ideal for considering the opinions of the plurality on the introduction of a consumer product.

For the most part, WhatsApp is a customer support portal for most companies. It’s a very simple and natural medium for users who utilize it as their primary means of digital contact to attain out to organisations with questions or complaints. It’s short, convenient, and does not entail hours of customers being stuck on repeat. It’s no surprise that WhatsApp is a favourite platform for its members for customer support.

WhatsApp provides a lot of services that make it easy for corporations and consumers alike to connect. You can submit images, videos, precise coordinates, GIFs, PDFs, or even audio files, for example. This choice of formats suggests that you are not limited to addressing the questions of users with texts alone. To support users with much more complicated issues, companies can submit training videos or even PDF manuals, and customers can send snapshots or videos demonstrating the challenges they’re struggling with.

You should take complete advantage of all the services the app provides to you to create a good Whatsapp Marketing. Firstly, we suggest putting a prominent profile image of your company. An appealing and cordial logo or pictures of the person in charge are great options in this regard.

We can conclude by saying that Whatsapp is a perfect platform for reaching your target customer group, promoting your brand and/or goods and interacting with the people in real time.


Emojis are a commonly used visual media aspect in human speech. In expressing the ‘right’ sentiment to an already boring and expressionless email, they are productive. For digital communications, emojis humanise and add colour. No wonder marketers have taken heed and begun to incorporate advertising emojis.

Our very own Marathi keyboard does a complete justice to taking forth the use of emojis and different languages to expand the areas of marketing on whatsapp. While besides being an amazing support to target useful audiences on whatsapp it also boosts the interaction of customers on a real time basis.

The introduction of a specialized keyboard built for Marathi consumers has been confirmed by Present social keyboard creator Bobble AI. As per the firm, typing or converting Marathi from and to English, the keyboard would enable customers to write in Marathi. The organization announced that the Marathi keyboard is fitted with an automated-correct function that, regardless of the language they select, can correctly interpret the purpose of the website any time. In addition, for such daily phrases often utilized by Marathi people, there is an automatic term prediction method. The keyboard allows swipe-typing function, speech-to-text help, and could also recognize genuine Marathi dialect to turn it into texts and messages, as per Bobble AI.

Download it here.

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