By now, you should know that the nipple is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. The reason for this is that there are various receptors of responses surrounding the breast region, and a handful of them are around the nipple area. Hence, it is impossible that you touch your partner’s nipples without them twitching in approval. With this, you should understand that the nipples could become an avenue where orgasm could emanate. So, it is possible that all you did was play with the nipple, suck them, flicker and nibble on them until your partner orgasms. 

Nonetheless, it is important to note that before this fit can be achieved, you must understand the “how to” and “when to” touch the nipple. Once you can decipher these two, then nipplegasm becomes easier to achieve. 

What is nipplegasm? 

It is simply the type of orgasm that could be experienced from playing and nibbling on the nipples. As mentioned earlier, it doesn’t just happen by default; it takes two individuals that have explored their sexualities and their bodies over time to be able to pull this off. You could also learn from free porn videos some strategic means of fondling the breast and nibbling on the nipples to make the entire process stress-free. 

Here are some of the ways to enjoy better nipple plays

Understand your partner’s body: 

 There’s no enjoyment if your partner isn’t enjoying it. So, if you are touching your partner’s nipple, and she isn’t moaning, or she doesn’t seem to enjoy it, then you are doing something wrongly. Nothing could ever go wrong with a well-positioned nipple play. The nipple is already sensitive and, as said earlier, it could be the opening of an explosive orgasm. Hence, understanding your partner’s body will help you know when to touch and how to touch them. 

Learn from porn videos:  

The nipple, as sensitive as it is, remains one of the most delicate parts of the body. So, as long as you might want to rub, and flick it, you still need to be as gentle as possible. Watching porn videos would help you understand some of the sexual know-how you need to pick up before jumping on your partner’s nipple. It’s supposed to be an orgasm and not a means of exploring their body for fun. Learning from porn videos will make it faster to grasp since you won’t have to keep guessing from trial and error. 

Take your time: 

If you want to enjoy nipplegasm, you need to be patient. The nipple is not the same as the clitoris and in nipplegasm, there’s no such thing as penetration. So, you don’t need your penis, all you need are your fingers and your mouth, and depending on your partner’s preference, you might introduce a sex toy. While nibbling on the nipple, you need to stay as focused as possible and ensure you are attentive to every of your partner’s moves.