The coronavirus situation has provided everyone with a reason to protect themselves with the right protective equipment and accessories to keep the virus at bay. Now when we talk about the most essential protective gear at this time, it has to be a face mask.

Now, even though the WHO didn’t really push people around to wear a face mask in the initial stages, it has changed the respective guidelines later. Still, the big question is – how to choose the right face mask to protect you from this virus thing.

The answer lies in all of the below-mentioned factors that we have handpicked in the same regards.

1. Multilayered

You cannot trust a face mask with single layering and this is where opting for a multiple-layer face mask is the right fit for the job. If experts around the world are to be believed, multiple layers disrupt the passing of the virus from the fabric.

On the other side, if you just go for a single-layered N95 protective mask Houston, the same virus can pass through the various tiny holes present in the single-layered mask.

2. Quality of Fabric

Not many people know but the quality of fabric plays a key role in the protection from the virus while wearing the mask. So, as you are going to buy a mask to protect yourself from the coronavirus thing, go for the medical disposable face mask online with dense and thick fabric.

As per a research conducted by a group of medical experts, going with random fabrics like tea towels and cotton blend fabrics can really do the required job for you.

3. Consider the right fit

There is no point wearing a face mask if it is not providing you with the right fit. There are random face masks available in the market right now but you have to pick the one rightly covering your nose and mouth in the process.

On the other side, there are masks that are loosely connected with thin threads. Suck masks carry the risk of getting loosened within no time.

4. Reusable

You may not require different mask for different days and there are certain face masks that provide you with the right protection for weeks and months. These masks are generally been known as reusable masks and serve rightly for the current pandemic situation.

Now, while you are opting for reusable masks, don’t forget to wash and disinfect them on a day to day basis. Doing this would avoid the virus to spread around your place while being attached on the outer surface of the mask. 

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