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How to Landscape a Sloppy Backyard


Hiring a landscape contractor does not need to be a timid task. Finding the best solution near you while on your couch would be the most preferable thing to do. If you hire a professional landscape service company, half of your work is already done. They know their job pretty well and are good enough to put your imagination into reality. They can actually create an ideal outside living space. Start the process by considering your choices and preferences in the type of work to be done. 

  • Service.

Landscaping takes a large portion of work and different types of services to be involved. Some provide specialization in a variety of work while most of them have only two to three services. Research about them before hiring one. Go through their page or portfolio thoroughly. Look upon the service provided by the company. How do they respond to the customers?. What are the reviews about them?. What is their specialization?. Are they firm?. How much time do they take while completing the work?. Is it affordable?. You need someone is who very experience in this field who will take charge of all the happening. Someone who is serious and responsible towards his work. Someone who explains the work while doing it as you are trusting them with your land. 

  • Landscape Design

Professional Landscaper works with you to create a beautiful and desirable landscape plan. A design-build company would fulfill your needs. Consider hiring projects like; General Landscaping, Landscape renovation, Grading, and water features. A company that knows how to do hardscaping.

  • Lawn Maintenance

Without the maintenance of the lawn, landscaping would be of total waste. Some include this in their services too but some do not. Maintaining a lawn is one of the crucial steps to do. Some companies provide the service of cutting the grass at a cheaper price. Lawn maintenance companies that provide full service will be the best investment for the clearance. Those companies have the package of providing the services like fall leaf removal, lawn leveling, overseeding, land fertilization, and much more. 

  • Qualifications and References

There are different types of expertise in each specialization. They are qualified, insured, and have a valid license. Aside from all of these, your professional landscaper would need a license to work with trees, a license for the irrigation, a license to use fertilization. Even if they don’t need a license, they will have some certification related to their job which would be equal to their license. This will certainly prove their skills and experience earned over the span of time. Before getting into the process, research on your own for the better results. Do not forget to have a look at the reviews. How a company responds to a bad review is key to knowing how much do they care about their customers and the services provided. 

  • Questions to ask your Landscaper

While you are hiring a professional landscaper, you need to ask a few questions before finalizing them. Obviously, you want to look at their experience and their work over the years. Here are some questions you need to ask;

. What type of service is provided?

. Are you bounded?

. Since how you have been working?

. Does your company provide a warranty?

. Can you provide a copy of the project?

. How much time you would take to complete the project?

. Can I see your record?

. Can I talk to the previous customers?

. Are you insured?

. What type of specialization do you provide?

. What type of fertilizers do you use for the growth of the grass?

. Do you provide a seasonal color combination of the flowers?

. Do you maintain seasonal color plantings?

. Do you provide customization in the flower combination?

  • Get a contract and arrange payments

Do not start your project until you receive the contract in writing and the deal is final. It serves as a legal boundation and certifies that both the ends of the project are serious and take responsibility. It will also help you save from sudden expenses. Whatever you sign and read in a contract should be provided to you.  

Contractors are humans and not every mistake is a red flag. Try to communicate with them as much as you can. If they remain transparent with their work, you are good to go. 

By Vanshika Khanna

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