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How To Fix An iPhone’s Charging Port – Explained By Cell Phone Repair Store in Idaho


“My iPhone Won’t Charge” are four words you do not want to hear yourself say. Imagine yourself nearing the end of a tiring day at work, getting ready to go to bed, and discovering that your iPhone’s battery is now only 10% full. You assume that this is a common occurrence and that your smartphone will get the necessary charge so that it may be ready the following day to send dozens of texts, social media posts, Instagram scrolls, Snaps, etc.

You plug your phone into the charger… but nothing happens. This situation might be devastating. Your phone won’t charge when you try disconnecting and reinserting the pin. Not to worry, there is still hope. Your charging port can be fixed, and in this blog, we will look at some ways to do so, as recommended by experts at cell phone repair store in Idaho.

Tips to Fix Damaged Charging Port By Idaho’s Cell Phone Repair Experts

Analyze the problem first. You need to know exactly what’s causing your phone to not charge properly. 

Identifying the Cause

Your iPhone probably won’t charge for one of the following four reasons:

  • The software is preventing it from charging.
  • Damaged Lightning Cable/Charger Cable
  • Damage to the power adapter
  • Your smartphone’s bottom charging port is broken, or something is obstructing the connection.

Software Issues

Let’s begin with the simplest solution; your cell phone’s software. When you charge your cell phone, the software actually gives instructions to the device on how to charge. Therefore, iphone repair experts recommend resetting your phone to try this procedure. Try performing a hard reset by holding the power and home buttons simultaneously for at least 30 seconds. Your iphone will ultimately restart, causing the screen to go dark and display the Apple logo. You can release both buttons after the Apple logo shows and let the phone reboot. Try connecting in your charger after the phone has fully rebooted. Hopefully, this simple fix is a solution to your issue. If not, you should try the next one.

Damaged Cable

Examine your Charger Cord to determine if the cable itself has any obvious damage. Check the connector and the cord properly. It could be time to get a new Lightning Cable if you notice the issue. If there is no obvious damage, try charging your iPhone on your laptop by connecting it to the cable, then attaching the cable to the USB port on the computer. If this option fails, you might have identified the issue. Finally, be aware that non-Apple (off-brand) Lightning Cables tend to get damaged and break more quickly than authentic Apple products.

Damaged Adapter

Now is the time to examine the adapter if the previous 2 solutions won’t work. Try plugging your adapter into various outlets. It is the easiest way to ensure that it is operating properly. It may sound ridiculous, but there are situations when a fuse at your place may have blown, leaving one socket or room without power. Try using a different Cable to see if your sockets are functioning properly. If the results from both cords are the same, your adapter is probably broken.

Tried Everything? Take Your iPhone to a Cell Phone Repair Store in Idaho

Did you try everything mentioned above, but your phone will still not charge? Don’t worry! It’s time to get technical. But not YOURSELF! Never try anything other than simple ways, as mentioned above. There could be a bigger problem than you may think. Your phone might have battery damage that should only be examined and repaired by cell phone repair experts. 

Do you live in Idaho and are experiencing charging or battery issues with your phone? Take it to a reputable, well-known cell phone repair store in Idaho like FIXITPRO. Their highly qualified and experienced technicians will fix all your smartphone problems in no time.


How much does fixing a charging port cost?

Depending on your device and your chosen service, you can expect to pay around $ 60 and $100 for an authentic charging port replacement.  Check if the cell phone repair store provides any guarantees on replacement parts.

How can I fix the charger port on my iPhone?

  • Follow these steps:
  • Clean dust and debris from the charging port.
  • Reboot your iPod touch or iPhone.
  • Change your Charging cable or adapter.
  • Make sure iOS is updated to the most recent version.
  • To arrange professional servicing, connect with Apple Support or take your phone to a cell phone repair store nearby.

How can I be sure that my phone’s charging needs repairs?

Here are some of  the signs:

  • Broken or damaged pins in the charging port: proper charging will not be possible if the pins in the charging port are bent or broken.   
  • Faulty Phone Adapter.
  • Dying or dead phone battery.
  • Dust in the charging Port.

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