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Students from all across the globe dream to join Oxford University because of its diverse culture that makes it unique. Most of the students of this university have one thing in common and that is intelligence. And if you believe in your intelligence, you deserve to get admitted to the world’s best university. However, there is a long journey ahead and you must prepare for the hindrance to come in your way.

The Oxford University receives more than twenty thousand admission requests every year which makes the competition even tougher. So, if you would also like to be part of this versatile community, you must be very well prepared. Having a good understanding of admission criteria will definitely help you achieve your goal.

In this post, we will guide you through different stages of the admission process so you can prepare yourself for every stage.

Stage # 1: Course Selection

In the very first step, you need to pick a course that you intend to attain at Oxford University. Make sure you meet all the requirements of your course. The best thing about oxford is that there is a huge list of choices and you don’t have to limit yourself. So, if you don’t meet the admission criteria for one course, you can easily move for others. Here are some popular subject categories:

  ArchaeologyBiologyBiochemistryBiomedical SciencesChemistryComputer ScienceClassicsEngineeringEnglish Literature EconomicsFine ArtGeologyGeographyHuman SciencesHistoryLawModern LanguagesMedicine  ManagementMathematicsPhysicsMusicReligionOriental StudiesPsychologyPhilosophyLinguistics  

For a detailed list of the courses, visit Oxford University

Stage # 2: College Selection

Oxford is a galaxy of more than 30 colleges located nearly the main campus. The unique combination of some of the best colleges of the UK has made Oxford as the best academic institution in the world. Here is the list of popular colleges: 

 Trinity CollegeQueen’s CollegeBrasenoseBalliolCorpus ChristiChrist ChurchHertfordHarris ManchesterLady Margaret Hall  KebleLincolnMagdalenMertonMansfieldPembrokeRegent’s ParkSomervilleSt Benet’s  St Anne’sSt EdmundSt Catherine’sSt Hugh’sSt Hilda’sSt Peter’sSt John’sWadhamWorcester 

Though Oxford University follows a pre planned timeline for the admission process, it might change during emergency situations such as COVID-19. Therefore, you must check out the academic calendar for the latest admission timeline.

Stage # 3: Admission Process  

The entire admission process is joined by multiple steps and each step follows a deadline. So it is highly important to go through each step and note down its last deadline to submit your application. Major admission steps are as follow:

Application: If you really wish to be part of the oxford university, be ready to apply. The application is usually submitted at least one year before the course begins. So as the first step, you will be required to fill out an application form. The deadline for application submission is 15 October every year (in case there is no change in policy).  

Tests: Applicants may be required to participate in admission tests in some of the courses. However, it is not essential in every case so make sure to check the requirements of your specific course. If the course you choose requires you to take the test, make appropriate preparation for success. Take assistance from your teachers, mentors, or other experts.

Sample: Applicants may also be required to produce a written sample of their work in some cases. Similar to the admission test, it is also important to check the course guidelines. Moreover, the sample submission deadline is usually 10th November of every academic year. In case you need assistance, you can also approach professional help assignment experts.

Interviews: Admission interviews are usually held in person, however, due to covid-19, the interviews may be held online in 2021. Though, the students may find it even a better option, they are strongly advised to make necessary preparation for interviews. Interviews are very helpful in getting admitted to your favorite college, hence, you must take maximum advantage of this opportunity.

Stage # 4: Time to Hear the Results

Once you have gone through all the above mentioned stages successfully, you will hopefully hear the results soon. However, the success of your application heavily depends upon your preparation. The selectors would make their final decisions on the basis of multiple factors such as test, interview, written sample, academic records and personal statement.

Bonus Advice

Oxford is one of the biggest universities in the world and consequently, the competition is tougher for admissions. As a new career builder, you must be hopeful for the best opportunities in future. After all, Oxford is not the last place to make your dreams come true, so if you fail to get admission, don’t just lose your hopes. Move forward in your life and give a new try to your luck in some other colleges.

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