Handling the side effects of smoking should be not like managing those side effects. One simple but very difficult step that a smoking person should take is to quit smoking. Most people become addicted to smoking. They feel it is unable to quit smoking at all. But that is not true. There are examples of people who smoked for four decades but left smoking instantly. That shows there is a possibility that everyone can leave smoking anytime. One thing that is required is the will to do that. The human will is a very strong tool that everyone does have to use. The popularity of the best e-liquid distributor in the UK also shows how popular the practice is becoming.

Side effects of smoking can be properly handled after quitting smoking. Otherwise, it does not make sense to handle the side effects of smoking. Below are some side effects and the description that shows side effects cannot be handled without quitting smoking.

Effects On Pregnancy and Newborn 

Those females who smoke and particularly if they smoke during pregnancy then there are high chances of abnormalities in newborns due to smoking. Smoking causes a deficiency of oxygen for babies in the womb that can even lead to death. Miscarriage, physical disabilities, and various infections can occur in newborn children. Now that side effects of smoking cannot be overcome without quitting smoking. Nobody knows the quantity of nicotine and other chemicals bearable for infants.

Yellowing Fingers 

Having smoking butts in hands most of the time can cause the yellow color to fingers. One tricky handle for that side effect is to smoke while wearing gloves. In this way, fingers may not get yellow color. By the way, that is not much of a harmful effect of smoking.

Blood Clotting 

There are more than 7000 thousand chemicals that are produced in the body when a person smokes. Many of the effects of those chemicals are unknown. One of the most dangerous effects is blood clotting. Nobody knows how many times one should smoke to get clotting in the blood. There can be wild guesses. But not a single one is right. Only quitting can reduce the impact of smoking that would lead to less or no blood clotting at all.

Social side effects of smoking are also harmful and one can handle them if one is not smoking in public spaces. Although smoking is banned in public spaces. The social effects of smoking actually affect the public personality of the person. It is hardly possible to eliminate the social effects of smoking.

Non Serious Attitude

People do not take smokers as serious persons in life. It is because smoking is fatal to life. It is hard to believe that a person who is moving to death rapidly does have any serious stance in life. That is why people do not listen and follow attentively those who smoke. One can manage that activity to restrict it to his/her room. In that way, fewer people would be knowing about that activity of a person.

Mood Diversions

Mood swings are one of the problems that smoking causes. That is not what is demanded in society from a person to change the decision after a few minutes and does not come out from a certain standpoint. One needs to quit smoking to remove mood diversions.

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