How To Improve Instagram Engagement?


As you probably already know, Instagram is the social network of the moment, which makes it one of the best social networks for companies.

Currently, last year 2019, Instagram has 1,000 million active users, 20% more than in 2018. This is a clear indicator that this social network does not stop growing.

Companies must be on Instagram, that’s true, but what they must do there is much more important than simply being present on this social network. They have to stand out, engage with users, connect with them, interact, and be active…

For this, it is essential to improve engagement and set goals in order to win over the public, since, if there is no good strategy behind, the products and services will not be sold alone for the simple fact of being present on Instagram. So it’s better to check out online trivia questions and answers websites for the more strategies

What is engagement?

It is the ability of a product or service to create a lasting relationship with the consumer, generating commitment between the brand and the user.

The more information we have about the user, the better we can develop our strategies and tactics to create that solid and lasting relationship.

How is it achieved?

In order to achieve engagement and, therefore, create this solid and lasting relationship, it is very important to focus on the user and not on sales.

We have to know, listen, observe, converse with the user, seeking interaction with him and trying to repeat it to create an emotional bond between the user and the brand. Now let’s go for tips to increase engagement on Instagram

1. Take time to make your profile attractive:

Having an Instagram account is not enough. We have to make it an attractive, striking profile that stands out, attracts and is accessible to users.

For this, it is important that the profile image is associated with the brand (the most recommended would be to put the company logo) and that you put a link that leads to your website, blog or landing page, where users can get to know a little more of you and your products or services.

2. Publish daily and at the appropriate times:

It is very important to publish often and have an active presence on the net. For this, it is interesting to know what hours are the best hours to post. 

You must analyze the profile and users to see what time they are most active and, thus, be able to determine what the most appropriate time to publish the content is.

3. Interact with your followers:

The interaction with users is one of the most effective actions to increase engagement.

Some options for this are to ask them questions, dedicate posts to them, create a hashtag for them to share content, make them participate in posts

4. Share videos:

We know that Instagram is, par excellence, the social network for photographs, but … Why not share videos? The videos increase the emotional bond of the followers. In addition, it has been shown that more than 50% of users consume videos every day.

5. Use calls to attention:

The call to attention is element or links that serve to attract the attention of the user, to attract potential customers and turn them into end customers.

One way to do it on Instagram would be to never leave a post description blank. It is always better to describe the post to increase engagement and results with users.

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