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How To Know If Your Car Battery Is Dying


A car batteryis like the life and blood of your car. Not only is it responsible for starting your engine but it also supports all the electrical components present in your car. It is said that the average lifespan of a car battery is five years but if not taken care properly then it is expected to last a less amount of time.

Basically, a car battery plays a very important role in your car. Starting your car is as simple as turning a key or pressing button, all the heavy work is done by your battery.

It is essential on the part of the car owner to make sure your car battery is in good condition because if not your entire car is expected to get affected to a larger extent. Besides that it is crucial to purchase a car battery from a renowned company, considering it is the most vital element of your car. You may find numerous companies offering the best batteries but do not buy until and unless you did your research and know what’s best for you. Also, never ever ignore the signs of car battery replacement. There are certain signs that a car portrays which indicate the need for car battery replacement. Ignoring such signs is going to be your loss only. Replacing your car battery on time will save your vehicle from getting affected to a large extent.

Below given are some signs that indicate your car battery is dying:

Engine taking a moment to start:

  • With time, the components present inside your battery will get affected due to daily wear and tear thereby, reducing its effectiveness. When this happens your car engine won’t start instantly, rather it would take a few moments to start.
  • If your engine is taking time to start then probably it is a sign that your car battery needs replacement and in such cases quick action would be appreciated.

Few electrical problems:

  • The battery supports all the electronics present in your vehicle starting from lights, music system to air conditioner, etc. If the car battery is not performing to its full potential then it will face a hard time supporting these components at full power.
  • Do not ever consider these issues to be nothing because if you do so it is going to be your loss only. Whenever something like this arises, immediately get your car battery checked and fulfil the replacement needs if required.

Unusual bad odor:

  • If your car battery gets damaged due to any reason then it could further lead to gas leakage. The smell of a leaking battery is somewhere similar to the smell of rotten eggs. So if you sense such a smell then most probably the reason would be battery leak.
  • If you come across a leaking car battery then immediately resort to its replacement without giving a thought. Also, keep track of the age of your battery. Few factors such as climate, driving habits and car care determine the life of your car battery. Opting for car battery replacement as and when required is definitely recommended.

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