How to Learn and Pass Cisco Certification Exams?

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Cisco certification is one of the most respectable certification worldwide. Many students want to acquire Cisco certification. But how to pass the certification exam? As we know, it is hard for candidates without systematic learning of Cisco certification to pass the Cisco exam. Here, we introduce some tips.

The requirements for taking Cisco certification training are simple. Any employee and university student who have certain knowledge of DOS, Windows and English as well as personnel required to obtain key network equipment and technology knowledge can participate in Cisco training. The followings are detailed learning content of various Cisco certifications.

1. How to Learn Cisco CCNA Certification?

The major learning content includes basic network theory, Cisco equipment operations, basic realization of LAN, the construction of WAN and MAN. At this stage, candidates should be equipped with fundamental network concepts, knowledge of IP and IPX network, and actual network working experience.

Candidates without basis should spend at least two months on self-study, which cannot make sure that the candidate can pass CCNA exam. While taking systematic learning through institution training, you can finish learning within three weeks in general.

2. How to Learn Cisco CCNP Certification?

As a high-level engineer certification of Cisco certification system, this certification has more complex learning content. At the stage, in order to make trainees have richer pragmatic network knowledge, the courses include routing, troubleshooting, Troubleshooting and Maintaining Cisco IP Networks and a series of more complicated content.

Through institution training, you can handle it around 45 days.

3. How to Learn Cisco CCIE Certification?

CCIE certification is regarded as the top certification in the global Internetworking field, thus highly valuable. It is accompanied with higher difficulty of exam and tougher learning content. What you need to learn mainly is a series of in-depth analysis including implementation of multi-layer switches, IGP routing protocol, BGP routing protocol in large-scale network environments and relevant difficult problems respectively as well as multicast routing protocol and large-scale network deployment of IPV6, each subset of QoS technical architecture and comprehensive application of various subsets.

After finishing the learning and passing the exam, you will be the Cisco certified Internet expert. Apart from getting recognition of the whole industry, your competitiveness will also be enhanced. It is recommended that candidates directly choose the training of institution like Spoto so as to learn knowledge quicker and more systematically.

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