Wifi.wavlink com and are the default login entrances of the wavlink router, connect the signal with the wireless name starting with WAVLINK_ through a mobile phone or computer, log in to wifi wavlink com with a browser and enter the default login password admin to enter the router management interface.

  Before logging in to wavlink, G-Route will show you the default information of the wavlink router:

  Default wireless name: beginning with WAVLINK_

  Default IP:

  Default login entrance: wifi.wavlink.com

  Default login user name: admin

  If you have set up the router before, you can log in with the above information after resetting (wavlink router to factory settings).

  How to log in to wifi.wavlink.com settings on mobile phones

  1; Connect the mobile phone to the wireless signal at the beginning of WAVLINK_.

  Open the phone settings to enter the wireless network, turn on the WIFI button, search for the router WIFI name you need to set up and connect, (the connection does not require a password).

The computer uses a network cable to connect to the LAN port of the router.

  2; Open the built-in browser of the mobile phone and enter the login address: wifi.wavlink.com;

If it cannot be opened, please input the address instead.

  3; The browser will jump to the login interface

  Enter the default login username admin;

  4; After logging in, you need to reset the administrator username.

  After setting, the admin login password you used will be modified.

  5; Enter the setting wizard page and select the Internet access method.

  If you connect the optical modem directly to the Internet, please select the DHCP automatic acquisition method and the bottom routing mode.

  It is the choice of broadband dial-up Internet access, dial-up OPPE Internet access.

  How to change the wavlink wireless password.

  Use the above method to log in to the wavlink interface, find the menu [WIFI] in the interface and enter [WIFI settings]

  6; After setting, reconnect to the new WIFI to get online.

Q: How to log in to the setting interface of Ruiyin router?

Answer: Both computers and mobile phones can log in to the setting interface of the Ruiyin router. The following Hongge demonstrates the specific login steps.

Computer login:

1. Connect your computer to the LAN port of the Ruiyin router with a network cable. If it is a laptop, you can also log in to its setting interface after connecting to the Wi-Fi of the Wi-Fi router.

2. Open the browser on the computer, and enter or wifi.wavlink.com in the address bar of the browser, you can open the login page of the Ruiyin router. In the login page, enter the “management password”, and then click the “confirm” button to log in to the setting interface of the Ruiyin router.

What should I do if the Ruiyin router cannot access the Internet?

Answer: For ordinary home wireless routers, the main reasons why they cannot connect to the Internet are as follows:

Broadband failure

Setting error

Router failure

Ruiyin’s wireless router is no exception. When it can’t access the Internet, you can also troubleshoot and solve the problem from these aspects.

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