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Whether you’re pursuing a doctoral or master’s degree, an effective dissertation defense can be a game-changer. While researching and writing your dissertation topic is a titanic task That is why Dissertation Writing Birmingham is for, your work doesn’t end there. In many courses, the dissertation presentation is an important part of the dissertation defense. 

This impressive presentation convincingly and clearly demonstrates the depth of your dissertation. It also gives your participants a great visual cue for a successful dissertation defense review. PowerPoint Presentation Writing Birmingham will help you keep the flow going and also impress the jury. Let us know more about this before we dive into the golden tips for creating your graduation presentation.

What is a dissertation?

A dissertation is a cumulative document containing all of your research work on paper. A dissertation presentation is often a digital overview of your research, focusing on its substance. It is short and fresh. Each slide should serve a specific purpose. It offers a detailed analysis of the research collected during the study of the dissertation and your findings. 

A dissertation presentation also allows you to display the storyline of your dissertation. It starts with questions, finding a topic, shaping research and evaluation. The pandemic has made virtual dissertation defense mainstream. This gives you even more reasons to create amazing slides. 

Structure of your dissertation

This structure of your presentation will draw a map on which you can align the abstract slides. This will help you build the flow of your design to keep the storytelling consistent. Here’s how to put together a slide deck:

  • Formulation of the problem
  • Literature review
  • The purpose of training
  • Research questions
  • Measuring instruments
  • Data collection
  • Research results
  • Meaning
  • recommendations
  • abstract
  • Thanks
  • Questions

8 tips for creating a compelling abstract

1. Removed slides

Dissertation presentations leave the best effect if they are impeccably structured. Slides with a lot of information will confuse you and your participants equally. Focus each slide on one topic with a minimum of points.

Remember that one theme per slide is your key to creating an aesthetically pleasing slideshow. Create an eye-catching title slide to grab attention. If your dissertation defense is simple and clear, it will speak volumes about your topic. 

2. Attractive patterns

Keep in mind that the jury that evaluates your thesis presentation has seen countless slide shows in their lifetime. So, how to surprise them with something new? Your answer is simple. Individual attractive templates will give freshness to your collected information. Plus, a selection of 100% editable templates helps save you precious time and get you an amazing presentation in minutes. In addition, these templates have a well-chosen and aesthetic color scheme to make your task easier. 

3. Design Consistency

Each slide in your graduation presentation should be visually synchronized. Consistency in design adds aesthetic appeal. It also helps your presentation look smooth and logical. Sudden shifts in style can take your committee off topic and get lost in the chain of your arguments.

Choose a color scheme that matches your topic and add it to your finished dissertation template. Make sure you stick to this color scheme and don’t change themes abruptly. Be mindful of the major and minor tones of your slides. Place dark content on a light background and light content on a dark one. 

4. Fascinating visual effects

As humans, we tend to retain more information when we present captivating visuals. Combine your thesis defense slideshow with multimedia materials related to your topic. This helps your audience take a look and quickly access information.

Include HD images, videos, and audio clips to enhance your thesis presentation. One piece of advice to keep in mind here is to focus on the visual hierarchy. Arrange the content of the slide so that your audience sees it first. You can achieve this by highlighting the text or by proportionally increasing the size of the content of the slide. 

5. Data visualization

The best way to present your research data and analysis is to use data visualization. Avoid using simple numbers and derivations in text form. They are slides from a bygone era. Whether your dissertation topic is mixed learning models or hybrid learning data, visualizations always add charm to slide topics. 

Numerous templates allow you to create first-class data visualizations such as charts, graphs, trendlines and shapes. The combination of comprehensive analysis with data visualization will give a double effect. This will give your jury something new to look at and also make the information more digestible. 

6. Charming infographics

Infographics work wonders to get your audience involved in a dissertation defense. They instantly make your information more attractive and lively. A variety of presentation templates allows you to create vibrant infographics. 

They will come in handy to showcase the originality of your theme. It will also help you display comparisons and improvements from previous research done on your dissertation topic. This infographic can visualize just about any slide topic, from research analysis to implications. 

7. Typography

Remember that it won’t take long to fill your thesis slides with a lot of text. You should give up writing long paragraphs for one-liners or points of view. Believe me if we say that your jury is the least interested in reading huge paragraphs. They still focus on visuals and your verbal content. 

Include the most important information and leave the rest for your speech. Also, choose functional fonts so that the text on your slides is easy to read. Using trendy fonts will give it an amateur look and confuse your audience. 

8. Turn on storytelling

Any information, be it a thesis, when it is presented in the form of a story, becomes a hundred times more fascinating than a simple speech of speech. Write a compelling story for your dissertation that will help you move forward with each slide. It will grab your audience and make them want more. 


Your story should engage the audience in the presentation slides from the very beginning and keep them engaged throughout. Renowned writer Robin Sharma believes that starting strong is healthy and good. But a strong ending is even more epic.

Make sure your title and closing slides are striking to achieve this effect. Practice before your last day and think through your storytelling. Design and defend your dissertation presentation with the tips above to create an extraordinary slideshow.


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