1. Pick among human and artificial hair. When purchasing hair wefts at the beauty supply store keep, you’re commonly faced with options: human or artificial.

Artificial hair is the less expensive choice, which is ideal for people who are on a budget, or who want a huge amount of hair. However, it is critical to be conscious that artificial hair cannot be styled using heated applications like flat irons or curling tongs — so if you have curly hair you may need to buy pre-curled artificial hair, or be organized to flat iron your hair every time you need to put on your extensions. Artificial hair can’t be dyed also, so it’s critical that it carefully fits your natural hair color.                                                                  

Human hair has a tendency to be greater high-priced than artificial hair, however is generally of higher pleasant. Human hair can be dyed to match your natural (or colored) hair and may be styled with flat irons, curling tongs and hair dryers, making them very handy. With human hair, you usually have a desire among virgin (unprocessed, undyed) hair, and hair that is been treated, colored comfortable, and so forth.

2. Cautiously match the hair wefts together with your natural hair shade. It’s quite obvious that the closer the coloration of your extensions are to the coloration of your natural hair, the extra natural they’ll appear.

To make certain you get the right color, take the time to peruse around and discover the proper color for you. Ask a consultant from the beauty supply keep to help you fit the extensions to your hair — they have got a variety of experience and might be capable of proposing the nice coloration for you.

You ought to go purchasing for hair extensions throughout the day and suit the extensions for your hair in natural glows situations — artificial light may be misleading and may purpose you to choose the wrong shade. 

3. Use clips, thread and bonding glue near the color of the hair wefts. Nowadays, many ladies are making their very own hair extensions and the beauty supply business has started producing merchandise to supply for this.

It is feasible to shop for hair extension clips in a number of distinctive shades — crimson, blonde, brown, black, and many others. — so, no matter what color extensions you wish to make, you may find clips to in shape. This is critical as black clips will be clearly obvious on blonde hair extensions, and vice versa. 

You also can discover bonding glue in a pair of various colorings, so the color of the dried glue isn’t visible through the hair. Perhaps, you could use white bonding glue on blonde hair, but you would need a darker colored glue for black or darkish brown extensions.

When stitching the extension clips to the hair wefts, you furthermore may need to discover a thread color that closely matches both the shade of the clips and your hair. 

4. Style the extensions and your natural hair in a similar way. Another apparent but crucial thing to mention is that both your natural hair and your hair extensions will want to be styled in the same manner on the way to combo into one another. There’s nothing extra apparent looking than immediate extensions in wavy hair, or vice versa.

Another tip is to curl (or straighten) your extensions before you positioned them in your hair. This makes them simpler to work with and permits you to attain the style that you want. Remember that you may best use heated home equipment on human hair, artificial hair can most effectively be styled with the use of no-heat methods, which include hair rollers. 


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