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How to make more chocolate boxes by doing less


Tasty, delicious, and sweet things make our mouths watery whenever we think about chocolates. Chocolates are considered the best gift presented to anyone on any occasion. This product is a sign of happiness. Moreover, the researchers concluded that chocolates are a healthy product you must have. 

You can see various chocolates enclosed in attractive chocolate boxes in the market. These boxes are decorated effectively. So, you can present the box to your friend and enjoy the time together.

Different companies are working on producing an attractive box to put the focus of customers on their product. Well, there are several benefits of custom boxes. 

Importance of the chocolate box:

Well, chocolates are considered the most favorite gift globally. All the people have a love for it. People present centimeters of chocolates to their loved ones to show their love for them. It can spread a wide smile on the receiver’s face. So, companies have designed the packs of chocolates effectively that it forces the customer to buy them. The design of the chocolate boxes must compliment the product that is stored inside them and in the market, many products are available. Huge numbers of wholesalers and retailers are marketing chocolates. In the case of custom packaging, different factors are considered like size, products, and packaging. This helps differentiate the brand from others. So, we can say that the packaging of the boxes plays a vital role for any product especially chocolates.

How to make boxes at home?

To make a chocolate box is not a tough task. You can perform the task easily at home. You have to buy the materials once and from that you can make a few boxes. Here, we will discuss two methods to prepare your box easily. So, here we go.

● if you do not have enough time to prepare any gift or go to the market, you can perform the task with things that are easily available at our homes.

● Pick a small shoebox. It has a standard size in which enough chocolates can place.

● Cover the box and the lid with the gift wrapper properly. 

● Paste any heart shape or any bow on the top of the lid. Hence, this will convert a simple shoebox into an effective gift box. 

● afterward, place the chocolates inside the box.

● If you want the partition in the box, then take a few hard sheets and cut three to four strips. 

● after three to four centimeters, half cut the strip horizontally. One strip will have two cuts. 

● Join the cuts of strips together that will form the partition. Place the partition and chocolates in the box.

● the other method is to make the box from scratch. Follow the steps:

● some printed templates of gift boxes are available on the internet. Copy it and print it on paper or a hard sheet of different colors.

● the template has dotted lines and solid lines. First, you have to cut the solid lines with scissors. It will be the shape of the box.

● the next task is to score the dotted lines with the butter knife or any soft material. The dotted lines will fold to make the proper shape of the box.

● When all the task is done, you have to fold the dotted lines. Where necessary applies the glue and make the proper shape. 

● The last step is to place the bow on the top of the box to make it more attractive and your gift box is ready to present.

Hence, these two methods are quite convenient to avail. However, they are less time and effort-consuming methods. Almost in one hour, you will ready your box. Then, you can put different chocolates in the box that your friend or loved one likes and you can present them.

Moreover, the handmade box will have a more pleasing effect on the receiver, and you can have several benefits of it that with less material you can make more chocolate boxes.

Some benefits of custom chocolate boxes:

If you succeed to make the box, then you can enjoy various benefits like:


The methods are easy and you can perform the task quickly.

Set your shop: 

It is quite a good opportunity to start a side business when you know all the tricks to prepare the gift box. You can prepare the boxes, sell them and earn some pocket money. Hence, the best part is it does not require more materials to use. The materials can be bought once and you can make several boxes with one buy that I think is a good idea.


Different shapes and sizes can prepare. We often do not get the things we want, so DIY boxes are the best options. 


You can make the presentation attractive by using different materials like printed wording, shapes, bows, and other materials on the box that can attract the receiver by spreading a smile on their faces.

Different chocolates in one box: 

The other advantage that I love is that the receiver can get all the chocolates they love in a single box. I think that the receiver’s happiness reaches the height when they see all their favorite stuff in one place. So, it is the best gift to present.


In a nutshell, the box of chocolates is the best gift that anyone can easily buy, prepare and present to their loved ones. In the same way, the receiver enjoys receiving such a stunning gift. Well, chocolates are mainly used to express your feelings to others. So, you can present the gift and express your feelings. Furthermore, from the facts, it is concluded that about 98% of people love to eat chocolates. So, it is the best gift.

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