Donut boxes are enormously utilized by retail bakery brands as they offer full-fledged protection to the mouthwatering donuts. An extensive range of sizes and creative styles is available for you to get innovative with the product presentation. The add-ons like die-cut windows ramp up the presentation factor further by creating a distinction on the retail shelves. The boxes are also effective in marketing your brand by highlighting a printed logo and other branding cues. They manage to lower down the carbon footprint due to their ability to get recycled multiple times. Modern customers are pickier when it comes to buying a product. They expect different things from a product, such as quality, attractiveness, and sustainability. Such expectations are compelling the retail bakery brands to spend more and more on donut boxes. Such an approach is hurting their bottom line badly as their profit margins are shrinking with each passing day. No matter how demanding your customers are, there is always a way to spend less on boxes and get maximum output.  

Eliminate what’s not needed:

Do you use a lot of materials when making your custom donut boxes to make sure they protect the products well? If so, you must understand this is not the right strategy and is a waste of money. The material intake needs to be kept as minimum as possible to make the boxes lightweight. Even the cardboard variants of low thickness provide the best protection. So, make sure you use lightweight and thin cardboard material in the design of packages. The lesser weight of the packages is tremendously useful in keeping your shipping costs in check. You can also start purchasing donut boxes at wholesale prices to save a healthy proportion of your budget. 

Get the exact box size:

Getting the custom boxes designed in a precise size is a cardinal step towards saving yourself a huge amount of money. A box that is larger than the dimensions of the packaged items costs you an extra price in so many ways. For instance, you would need to spend more on printing and filler materials. Bearing that in your mind, take a measurement of your bakery product to determine the size of these boxes.  

Right void fill use:

Even if you custom designs your cardboard boxes in the best size, there is always room left between the product and packaging. These smaller voids are filled by the use of padding or filler materials. If you are serious about saving yourself a good amount of money, it is vital to select the correct void fills. Shredded papers are an excellent choice here than that of Styrofoam because the former costs are way less than the latter.  

Refrain from needless printing:

Getting overwhelmed when printing the packages is a common mistake that consumes a major chunk of your budget. An expert tip here is to not get carried away when printing various graphics, colors, and artworks. Only print those elements that are necessary so that lesser inks are used, and you do not have to pay higher costs.  

Go for green packaging:

Perhaps, the best way to put less strain on your packaging budget is to go for green and eco-friendly packaging. Discard the traditional material used in the making of boxes and prioritize sustainable materials like cardboard and Kraft. These materials come with a special property of recyclability, and one can recycle them up to almost seven times. This means that you could use the same materials again and again to get creative and novel donut packaging every time. This would make the production of packaging a relatively less costly process for your business.  

There are immense cost-saving opportunities when designing donut boxes for your products. The more closely you look, the larger aspects you see for curtailing your expenses related to packaging. Precise packaging size combined with no over-printing go a long way in saving the amount of money you spend on packaging matters. 

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