How to make your Video call meetings on point


How often have you experienced that you’ve experienced an unpleasant or awkward Video call meeting? With the way this form technology is becoming more popular it is essential to make your experience more enjoyable. Here are some more guidelines about this blog on blogs server where you can find about technology and as well as the equipment you utilize to enhance your video conference meetings.

You must be punctual

A good start, and a must for all meetings that includes online , is to be punctual. Make sure to log in early to determine whether everything is functioning in a proper manner. Simply look for the test feature of the application you’re using to determine whether your microphone and camera work. Be aware that everyone will notice the time you arrive late, particularly if there are not many present on the call.

Dress gracefully

In the same way that you’d dress for the face-to face meeting it is also important to wear your business attire for the video conference. If you need some more ideas on how to style you can read our blog about it on blogs style.  It’s tempting to simply wear the sweatshirt that you’ve been wearing for the entire day, but you should invest some time and effort into the look. It doesn’t need to be fancy, simply pick something that is appropriate for work.

Buy a quality equipment

In addition to the way you view in video calls It’s equally important to have a top-quality equipment that can help you in your meetings. For instance, acquiring the best webcam is crucial when the camera you have on your tablet or computer is outdated. It is also necessary to have an audio headset or dedicated microphone to complete the configuration. So, you can remove background noise and improve the quality of your audio.

Good lighting is necessary

The proper lighting is equally important. Although you don’t need to purchase studio equipment, it’s essential to correctly position your lighting sources. For example, you shouldn’t be just to the window or face the window. You can try a few angles until you can find the one that is able to illuminate you effectively. In addition, you could include some light sources in the form lights made of LED rings lights and direction lamps.

Looking at your camera

Another mistake that many people make when they are in virtual meetings is looking at their screen rather than to look at the camera when they speak. Although you may be watching the feed of the other person it’s like you’re not paying at all. This appears to be professional, which is the last thing you want. Make sure you practice until you’re at ease.

The camera should be framed properly

Another thing that we tend to do not think about is positioning the camera. Make sure that your body is in your eye and that it is showing your body from midsection upwards. Make sure you don’t put it in a high position to keep everyone from looking down at you . However, ensure that it’s not too high that everyone is gazing up at your nose or that you’re embarrassed due to the awkward position.

Turn off your microphone when you are not in conversation

It is also important to turn off the mic when not talking. Even when you’re quiet, the microphone can detect various background sounds, such as the sound of typing, sneezing, or even family members talking in a different room. Since these sounds can be distracting, be sure to press the muted button.

Find the best Video call conferencing software

For a pleasant experience, it’s important to decide where the meeting will take place. To ensure that you must find the best video conferencing software that meets your needs. You must ensure that the system you select is secure , especially if you’ll be sharing sensitive details. Furthermore you need to be sure that it has the features you’ll require for a smooth meeting. Additionally, you’ll want a service that is trustworthy and offers 99.99 percent up time.

Connect to an Ethernet connection

Your internet connection is also going to play an important role in the conference, so we recommend to look at ways to increase speed. Although wireless connections are speedy however, it is better to opt for an Ethernet connection. It doesn’t matter if you own either a laptop or desktop computer, connect to your modem or router using the Ethernet cable. This will ensure that your meetings do not get cut off in the worst-case scenario.

Pay full Attention

When you are taking a video conference it is essential to be aware of what’s happening. Do not check your phone while doing something else, since people will take note and think you’re rude. Furthermore, research has shown that multitasking isn’t very efficient.

If you depend on video conference meetings for work it is crucial to take every step to make them better.

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