House cleaning and pest control are usually considered two different activities. However, that does not have to be like this. With the right processes and procedures, you can also combine the two. While doing your house cleaning, you can also take care of many pest control activities as well. Combining the two, you can cut short the time needed for both.

Cleaning and pest control together for homes is quite possible. With most pest cleaning activities, all you are doing is removing traces of pests and not letting their population grow. However, when you already have a large-scale pest infestation going on, only professional help will provide the remedy. Professional pest control service providers will be able to remove persistent pests quickly.

Here are some tips on how to merge house cleaning and pest control together successfully:

1: Clean/Vacuum and Wash Under Beds and Furniture

Under furniture areas including under beds, sofas, tables and even carpets are pest hotspots. These areas don’t get much daylight and are perfect hiding places for pests of all kinds. Bugs, insects and even roaches can find their homes under beds, sofas and other under furniture areas.

When cleaning the house, make sure to clean under your beds, sofas and all other furniture items. These are usually areas that get left alone and not many people bother to clean there. This is how pests of different kinds get their chance to grow their populations in there.

Under carpet areas if you have any, are premium pest hotspots too. Smaller rodents like mice can also find shelter in there. Give every under furniture and under carpet area a good clean and a wipe down. Combine cleaning and pest control like this to reduce pest problems for your home.

2: Clean Up Well in Boiler Rooms

Boiler rooms and heating rooms are probably the biggest pest pullers. Warmth and humidity in these rooms and areas are potentially ideal for pests of different kinds. When these areas are left unattended for pest population growth, you can get horrific results in homes and properties.

Cockroaches, wasps, spiders, ants, flies, crickets and many other pests and insects just love it in boiler rooms. This is evident when you see trails of insects crawling out of or into your boiler rooms as well. Make sure to clean up properly in the boiler rooms and remove any pests and their traces.

You can find pest traces such as their eggs, larvae and/or other materials that can help them grow quickly. Make sure to use pest sprays and surface cleaners that specialize in driving pests away and killing them off. Cleaning and pest control can be done at the same time for boiler rooms.

3: Remove Any and All Food Particles and Droppings from Everywhere

Pests feed on food wastes and particles scattered across house floors, surfaces and all other areas. Ants, spiders, wasps, fleas and even rats or mice can find food particles everywhere. This is why pest infestations are usually greatest in kitchens across various surfaces and areas. When buying new house, be sure to get proper pest removal from pest control Burnaby or any other local service providers.

Food wastes and particles often find their way to under sink areas in kitchens as well. It is important to properly remove all food waste particles from around the property. Deep clean all floors, tabletops, kitchen islands, inside cupboards and storage compartments to remove all food particles.

Don’t give pests invitations to feed inside your property. Also, use special surface cleaners in your floor and surface cleaning solution to drive pests away. Do what you can to not give pests reasons to come and stay in your house. Combine your cleaning and pest control together to save time like this.

4: Do Not Let Any Standing Water Puddles Form at All

Standing water is like heaven for mosquitoes. Since the mosquito season is well and truly under way, you don’t want to give them reason to stay. Female mosquitoes, after sucking your blood, tend to lay eggs on top of water. Any size of water collection can be quite enough for them.

When looking to combine cleaning and pest control, be sure to remove all kinds and sizes of standing water puddles. Remove any standing water and then also fill the gaps or puddles in the floor anywhere. Inspect regularly for any new forming puddles as well.

These should include inspecting your around the house areas and also front or back gardens and greenery. Also, inspect your roofing for standing water puddles. Remove any cracks or gaps in them that might be able to hold any quantity of water. For full-scale mosquito infestations, call local pest control Vancouver service providers immediately.

5: Keep Your Trash Areas Tidy and Food Waste Covered

Fleas, cockroaches and bugs or insects of different kinds simply love your trash areas. This is because they can get free food sources and feed nonstop. Since many people throw their food wastes in uncovered bins or garbage containers, pests can do what they wish in them.

Keep your trash areas tidied up at all times. Throw food wastes away in airtight bags and use bins that are fully covered. Food waste bins with airtight lids on top can be found easily as well. These should seal away smell of rotting food away from sensitive pest smelling sensors.

Also, make sure no liquid enters your food waste and trash areas. Water entering can rot food quicker making it an attraction for rats, mice, fleas, roaches and whatnot. These cleaning and pest control tips combined should help you save time and do more.

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