If you want to know how to pick out a cuckoo clock, start here. As it turns out, there is much more to most cuckoo clocks than meets the eye, and there are plenty of styles and forms that will impact how well they will fit within a setting.

Pick Out A Style

The first thing you will need to determine is what style of clock will work best with your interior design. Take into account the setting that you wish to grace with one of these clocks. Is it a sparsely decorated modern design or a richly decorated old-world interior with elaborately carved dark wood trimming and molding?

Between these two different design settings, there is a world of options. Therefore, you’ll want to take some time to get familiar with the different styles of clocks that are out there.

Traditional clocks typically take the form of ornately carved wood clocks that show off wildlife, natural settings, or implements of the chase. They are often given a lustrous, dark finish, but some of them are carefully hand-painted.

Chalet style clocks look like miniature homes or villages and show off scenes of domestic life. Oftentimes they show off little figures of woodcutters or sawmills; another popular theme is the beer garden theme.

Then there are vintage reproductions of antique designs, including railroad house clocks that are styled after designs that were once popular in Europe’s golden age of rail. Many of these designs are similar to traditional clocks but are carved with elaborate stylistic patterns rather than rural, natural themes.

Then of course there are modern clocks, some of which are handmade and qualify for certification as Authentic Black Forest Cuckoo Clocks. Others have modern quartz movements and are ideal for their convenience, but we will touch on that in the next section.

Pick Out A Movement

After you determine which style appeals best to you, you will need to pick out a movement. Broadly speaking, there are two categories of movements; mechanical cuckoo clocks and quartz cuckoo clocks.

Mechanical clocks are driven by weights, a pendulum, and gears, and these clocks need to be periodically wound up as they are powered by gravity. Generally, you will have two options in mechanically operated clocks – 1-day movements and 8-day movements.

A 1-day clock is designed to run for about 30 hours before it will need to be rewound and an 8-day clock for a little less than 8 days – somewhere about 7. Therefore, a 1-day clock will need to be rewound once a day and an 8-day clock once every week. Typically 8-day clocks are larger and more ornate than 1-day clocks, making 1-day clocks better options for a less pronounced setting, or one where cost was a determining factor.

Quartz clocks are powered by an electric current and a quartz crystal and in general, are significantly less expensive than mechanical clocks. In addition, they do not qualify for a certificate of authenticity. However, many of them are richly decorated, making them a fine option for those who want to decorate a setting with the look of an authentic clock without paying the price.

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