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Choosing the best winter work gloves for construction isn’t very easy.  You need to get a pair that allows you enough dexterity and flexibility to do your job with ease, along with keeping your hands warm and safe, during the ruthlessly cold winter seasons.

Why do construction workers need winter work gloves?

It is reported that around a million construction workers have to visit the ER due to injuries that occur at their job sites. The predicament is worsened during the testing winter seasons as they bring with them a whole new set of challenges. If hands are not protected adequately in construction sites during the chilly winter months, then there’s a chance that the construction workers might have to face with cold stress, frostbite, and even hypothermia!

Why is buying winter work gloves for construction, so confusing?

Fortunately, there is not much to worry about as with the best winter work gloves for construction, construction workers can protect themselves from the different hazards common in their job sites along with the ruthlessly cold sub-zero temperatures of the winter! Unfortunately, since there are a wide variety of gloves available in the market, choosing the right pair of gloves can sometimes be challenging and confusing.

4 questions you need to ask yourself while buying winter gloves for construction

Hence to make the entire process a lot easier for our readers, we have complied 4 important questions that you must ask yourself when you go shopping for the best winter work gloves for construction.

  • What will be your working conditions?

You need to consider your work conditions when you go about buying winter work gloves for yourself. Factor all aspects so that you are able to make an informed decision for yourself. Ask yourself if you’d be working in extreme temperatures or not. Check with your work managers to know if you’re expected to work for long periods of time or short periods of time. Is there any chances of snowing during your job? Factor in all these aspects and you will get a fair idea of the materials you need to keep your hands the warmest and safest.

  • Will you be working around water?

Another factor that will determine what kind of gloves you eventually end up picking is the likely exposure (or not) of water or other liquids to your hands at the job site. Water can really worsen the predicament during winter months and if water seeps through your gloves, it will cause your hands to get a lot colder. Hence if you expect yourself to work near water then you need to ideally get the best winter work gloves for construction that have a reliable palm coating which can prevent water from being absorbed through the palms.

These gloves will also help you in strengthening your grip in work conditions which are slippery. If you expect and anticipate a cent percent likelihood of coming in contact with water at your job site, then you are strongly advised to use fully coated gloves. If and when you use fully coated gloves, any water coming in contact with your hands, won’t be able to seep through the back of your gloves. Your focus should be on getting dry gloves because they will keep your hands really warm!

  • What level of dexterity do you need?

When it comes to the best winter work gloves for construction, you need the perfect blend between insulation and dexterity. The gloves should be warm enough to keep your hands protected and safe but they shouldn’t be so thick that they end up restricting your range of hand movement. You need a full range of hand movement to do your job well. Construction work often entails climbing ladders and handling sharp tools, and in such work places, you need gloves that offer you the best grip. If you don’t get a good grip while handling sharp objects or climbing ladders, then the chances of injuries are amplified manifold! Hence, when you are in the market looking for the best winter work gloves for construction, go for something which keeps your hands warm, safe and protected while offering you with the right dexterity and flexibility to do all your tasks with ease and efficiency!

4. Do the gloves fit you well?

A lot of people don’t realize this but the right fitting gloves have a lot to do with how warm or not, will your hands be in chilly winter conditions. That’s why it goes without saying that the best winter work gloves for construction for you, will have to be the gloves, which fit you the best. Don’t buy gloves which are too tight as they would be very uncomfortable to wear. Further, gloves that are too tight will reduce your circulation which will cause your hands to get a lot colder. On the other hand, if you get gloves that are too big, there’s a high risk of warm air escaping and cold air entering. That’s why it is important that you get gloves which are the perfect fit for yourself. If you are anticipating strong winds at your workplace, then you should get gloves with cuffs that can fit over your jacket.

The Bottom Line

There you go. Those were the top four questions that you need to ask yourself when you go about shopping for the best winter work gloves for construction. You need to make sure that you are getting the right protection for the ruthless winter conditions along with the hazards of your workplace. For construction work, you’ll need puncture resistance gloves that are resistant to cuts and have a strong grip so that you don’t mishandle sharp objects. Keep in mind all of these questions and they will help you in figuring out the best winter work gloves for construction!

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