How To Prepare for a Dental Checkup


Teeth cleaning, whitening, extracting, filing, or annual checkups may necessitate seeing a dentist. To ensure that you have an easy time, you need to be prepared before your appointment. And if the thought of seeing a dentist tenses you up, consider looking up the best sedation dentistry to help you relax during a procedure. Either way, your oral health affects your physical, social, and well-being, and you need to take care of it. Read on to find ways you can prepare for a dental checkup.

Confirm Your Appointment

You do not want to show up to an appointment an hour late or early due to not having the correct information. Therefore, the night before your appointment, confirm and ensure you have the right date and time. Most dentist offices have an automated system that will send you a reminder email or text.  This ensures you are aware of the date. You might also have to send a text back to inform the dental office that you will show up for the appointment before they give someone else your slot. Call the office and confirm if you do not get this type of text or call.   

Provide Medical History

If you are visiting a dentist for the first time, they need your dental history before proceeding with treatment. This includes previous dental procedures you have undergone, your general health, allergies, and the medications you are on. It will prepare the dentist for your visit. When you are making an appointment with a new dentist, they will request this information from you. You can ask the previous dentist to forward those details to your new dentist.

Do Not Be Afraid to Tell Them What is Bothering You

You can expect a thorough examination from the dentist to find out what the problem is. If they see any inconsistencies, they can do a deeper check to confirm if you have other oral health issues. Still, it is important to let your doctor know if there is something else giving you problems. This can be your cheeks, gums, tonsils, or tongue. Some patients shy away from saying what is bothering them because they feel like they will be a burden. However, any concerns you have are valid, and the dentist will be happy to help you out. Plus, the earlier an issue is diagnosed, the better chances of treatment.

Brush and Floss Before The Appointment

Before heading to the appointment, make sure you clean your mouth thoroughly. That does not mean you brush your teeth vigorously, as that is a common dental mistake people do. Simply brush your teeth as you normally do. This means maintaining proper oral hygiene, like brushing your teeth twice every day. The dentist can also check how clean your mouth is, then advise you on whether there are better ways to clean your teeth.

Get Enough Sleep and Eat Before the Appointment

The night before your appointment, ensure you get enough sleep. It will refresh you and allow you to be calm the following day. Also, ensure you eat before your appointment. A light meal will do. Unfortunately, some people skip meals due to anxiety, which is not recommended. You may feel light-headed during the procedure.

Arrive Early

On the day of your appointment, ensure you get there on time. Rushing through everything to get there can make the situation stressful for you. Get there on time, fill in the paperwork, and give the dentist ample time to treat you.

Most people are nervous about seeing the dentist, which prevents them from scheduling an appointment as recommended. However, this is highly discouraged as it can have bad consequences. If you stick to your appointment, the dentist can find issues on time, which allows for early treatment.

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