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An emergency is a serious and unexpected situation that can happen. Sometimes, emergencies can be losing your job or having a tree fall on your home. Other times, they’re that a tornado hit or an ice storm blew out the power. No matter the reason for the emergency, you always want to be prepared if you’re faced with one. 

Medical Supplies

When purchasing medical supplies to keep on hand, it’s helpful to think about your family’s needs. Everyone can benefit from having bandaids, gauze, and bottles of alcohol on hand. However, if your family members have special needs, you need to make sure you stock up on what they need. Think about extra blood pressure medicine, diabetic testing supplies, and ostomy products. If possible, you want to keep enough for a few days to a week on hand. 

Personal Hygiene Items

Most people only think of food and water when planning for an emergency, but you’ll still need personal hygiene products if bad times come. If you lose your job, then you’ll have extras on hand. If the snowstorm of the century hits and you can’t leave your home for days, then you can be comforted in the fact that you have what you need. 

When stocking up, don’t forget to buy toilet paper, shampoo, hand and body soap, and lotion. If you have females in your home, you’ll also want to purchase feminine products to keep on hand. 

Warm Bedding

If you live in a cold climate, then you’ll want to keep extra warm bedding material on hand. You could either have sleeping bags with low-temperature ratings or thick blankets and quilts. Whatever you choose, make sure you have enough for everyone in your family. If you ever lose power and you can’t use the heater, a fire won’t be enough to keep the whole house warm. Instead, you can light the fire and then gather the family and the extra bedding into the room with the fireplace and keep everyone safe and warm.


By saif