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Beard carried a significant value in the early eras. Even today, it is considered a symbol of masculinity. Otto the Great, for example, swore by his beard anytime he had anything of great gravity to reveal since the beard was highly revered among the Celtic tribes. Though in between the eras, the trend for beards faded, recently, it made a comeback, and now it is extremely à la mode. Men are reviving the beard in all of its magnificent forms nowadays. They are taking extra care of the beard to make it voluminous and shiny. From beard oil to wax, there is a range of products now available meant only for the beard. You can even get products that target beards and mustaches separately. However, due to high-stress levels and pollution nowadays, we see early graying of beards among men as young as 25. Our hair follicles contain pigmentation cells. These pigmentation cells are called melanin, which is accountable for giving our hair the color it inherently has. The higher the melanin content your hair follicles will generate, the darker your hair color will be. As we grow older, the melanin level slowly decreases, which lessens the intensity of the color. Even health issues can reduce the melanin count at an early age resulting in premature graying of hair.

 The common causes for premature graying are:


Vitamin B12 scarcity

Thyroid disorders

Absence of nutrition

Stress/ Hectic lifestyle


The beard bandwagon takes the forefront regarding men’s grooming without additional thought. And the men who develop it well know that it is a possession. However, they also know that maintaining good health is not easy. The common misunderstanding is that plucking gray hairs results in even more gray hairs. What actually happens is that it weakens the hair follicles. It could eventually affect how much hair there is in your beard. Try coloring gray hair instead. Premature graying of a beard is caused by a lack of melanin, a hormone that darkens skin and hair. Additionally, even a single hair can experience the stages of graying, which can be stopped in just three days.


To stop the early graying of beard hair, having foods high in antioxidants, such as berries, green tea, olive oil, broccoli, and salmon is recommended. One of the primary causes of gray hair is a vitamin B-12 deficiency since your body cannot produce this vitamin on its own. In addition, it has been noticed that biotin and folic acid insufficiency coexist with vitamin B-12 deficiency in those who have begun experiencing gray beards. Your recommended sources of vitamin B-12 include dairy products, beef, and fortified cereals. You can add multivitamin supplements to your diet if you’re allergic to any of the mentioned foods. This will also be sufficient for your body’s other vitamin needs (C, D, and E), which are required to keep your beard hair healthy. This is necessary because your scalp produces more oil than your face. Thus, removing some of this oil is OK and even necessary. Plus, the hair on your head doesn’t need as much oil to look great because it’s not as coarse as your beard.  Facial hair is a different case. Beards require more oil. Facial hair has a different texture; it’s thicker and more complex. And it grows to dry out more promptly. Hence, regular shampoo dries out and rips your beard with natural oils. As a result, you don’t produce as much oil on your face. This is because regular shampoos are too harsh for your facial skin. Your face skin doesn’t create enough natural oil to keep up since they remove too much of it. So, it is recommended to use the best beard shampoos in India that moisturizes your face skin apart from cleaning it. Hair shampoo will dehydrate your face and beard, which will lead to beard irritation and dandruff.

How Do Beard Shampoos Help?

The best beard shampoos in India include natural oils minus toxic chemicals. These unique beard shampoos are formulated to keep your beard adequately hydrated while cleaning, removing excess oil, and freshening. Eventually, a beard wash helps make your beard softer, shiny, and less feeble. Also, if you search for the best beard shampoo online, you can find varieties that you can buy according to your skin type.

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