How to properly use a punching bag


Punching bags in sports have long been used in martial arts as both equipment and an inspiration to train hard and to fight back if necessary. As such, you must know how to use one properly, or you could find yourself injured with little to show for your time hitting it. The tips below should help you get the most out of your kids punching bag training sessions, so read them closely and pay attention!

Hang The Punching Bag At The Right Height

To hang your punching bag, you need to know how high the ceiling is. If you want the bag on the floor, measure from the floor and make sure that there are at least 10 feet of clearance between the ceiling and the top of your punching bag. 

If you want kids punching bag hanging from the ceiling, measure from ground level and make sure there are at least 9 feet of clearance between ground level and where your punching bag will be suspended. 

The lower the height, the more comfortable you’ll be when you are hitting it because you won’t have to strain as much to reach up. The higher it is, the less power your punches will have since they’re not going through as much distance as they would if they were coming from down low.

Choose The Right Weight And Material

Punching bags come in many shapes, sizes and weights. It is important to know what weight of the bag you need for the size of your workout space. It will help you decide on the material your bag is made out of. 

If you are looking for high-quality kids punching bag material, PVC is best. It is thick, durable, and flexible. If you are looking for something cheaper and easier to store, vinyl or canvas might be the better option. Once you have figured out what type of bag to get, it’s time to choose its weight and fill it with either sand or water. 

Fill the bottom third of the punching bag with sand if it weighs more than 100 pounds. Fill it up all the way if it weighs less than 100 pounds but more than 50 pounds. Fill it halfway if it weighs less than 50 pounds but more than 25 pounds, and leave room at the top if it weighs less than 25 pounds. 40 pounds isoptimal for weight for a kids punching bag.

Use Proper Form When Punching The Bag

When using a punching bag, it is important to use the proper form to maximize its use. This means not just throwing punches willy-nilly without purpose and direction, but instead focusing on what you are doing and where you are going with your punches. When using the bag, don’t just swing wildly at it. 

Instead, try to hit every area of the kids punching bag – upper body, lower body, head. And mix up your punches so that you get all the benefits of this workout equipment.

By Alex Mike

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