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Professionals from many fields, such as teachers, game players, content creators, etc. might often need to create videos, where they can record the screen of their PC while doing the activity. Recording the screen might also prove useful while having online conferences and meetings, for the purpose of showing presentations to others, etc. 

Sometimes, a person might need to record his own face, in order to show his reaction, or for better illustration purposes for his/her video. This video can be recorded in the webcam of the computer, and added to the screen recording later, as one option. 

But for more efficient video generation, one should have the option of recording the video of the screen as well as his own video through the webcam, simultaneously. For this purpose, there are many apps developed in the market, keeping in mind the requirements and compatibility of Windows 10. 

Although, almost every PC comes with an in-built screen recorder. But it is not mandatory that the screen recorder comes with an option to record using the webcam. For that purpose, you might need to take the help of another app. With it, we clear all your doubts about how to record face and screen at the same time on the iPhone 

Apps for recording Webcam

  1. OBS Studio
  • OBS Studio is free-to-use software, which is used for recording the screen of the PC. It also has the option to live to stream the screen recording on various platforms. 
  • It also allows you to capture your video through the webcam, and your audio through the microphone, along with the system audio. 
  • You can either record the whole screen or select an area that you want to record. You can directly stream it to YouTube, Daily Motion, Twitch etc. 
  • It comes with many filters and tools which can be used to edit the video, such as blend, crop, colour correction, noise reduction etc. 
  • It is an open-source software, which is much better because it leaves no watermark on the video that is created by you. Although, it is a difficult to master app, and lacks options such as pause button, which means you have to trim or cut it later. 
  1. Camtasia
  • It is regarded to be one of the most powerful screen recording tool. It is developed by Techsmith, and is a part of its video creation package. 
  • It is a great option because it comes with video-editing features, which are built-in. This means, that you need not go to any other app for the purpose of editing or beautifying the video. 
  • It is a paid application, with a starting price of $49.95 for acquiring its licence. Although, it also comes with a 30 day free trial, which leaves a watermark on your videos. 
  • You can choose the part of the screen that you want to record. You can make changes to your video by its tools such as edit, cut, zoom, volume change, split etc. 
  • It also comes with many add-ons such as annotations, animations, transitions, chroma-key screen etc. 
  1. Bandicam
  • It is a great software that is used by the gamers around the world to record their gameplays, and even for live streaming. It is specialised for recording games, with features such as 4K ultra HD recording, with a resolution up to 144FPS. 
  • This means, that it conducts high speed recordings, with little or no lags. It also allows you to record the whole screen or a particular part of the screen. 
  • It comes with easy collaboration with Bandicut, using which you can edit your videos through its various tools like trim, crop, rotate etc. 
  • There is a free version of Bandicam, which comes with a limit of up to 10 minutes of continuous recording. There is a paid version, which comes with much more features, and no limit on recording, with a price of $60.95 for its package. 
  • It allows you to record your own video and audio along with the video and audio of the screen. You can also draw on the screen, highlight the cursor and add texts and logos to your video. 
  1. Screencast-O-matic
  • It is again, a very famous screen recorder, especially for the reason that it is web-based, and thus can be used on any device. You can either choose to run it on the browser, or even use it from your desktop after buying its full version. 
  • It comes with a free version that limits you to record up to 15 minutes of video, with a watermark. However, the paid version comes with no limitations, and a price of $1.65 for every feature that you use, for a month. 
  • It comes with many built-in features, which allow you to record your video along with the video of your screen, edit it, host it and even share it to various platforms. 
  • It also has the option of adding drawing, text, annotations and transitions etc. to your video. You can trim, cut, zoom-n-pan and change the speed of the video with the help of its tools. 
  1. Active Presenter
  • It is a screen recorder an editor which can be used for various purposes such as production videos, creating teaching videos, demonstrations and training etc. 
  • It comes with a free version, which does not add any watermark to your video. Although, the paid version comes with much more features to offer to the user. 
  • You can use various tools to cut, trim, split, merge and change the speed of the video as well as the audio. It allows you to record your webcam and microphone for amazing video experience. 
  • It is totally ad-free, and comes with no time-limit on the recordings. You can add more effects such as blur, green-screen, audio fading, noise reduction etc. 

Thus, we have read about many software which can help you record the screen of your Windows 10 PC, along with your face. So either you are a professional or a beginner, these softwares can help you choose so that you can make the perfect choice for your video creation needs, on the basis of your budget and requirements.

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