A cesarean section (c-section) is a surgical procedure in which an incision is made through a pregnant woman’s abdomen, uterus, and the muscles that support it, to deliver the baby. A vertical cut along the bikini line is more common; however, some surgeons prefer to make a horizontal cut below the belly button. One thing you will notice after the surgery is that some of your belly muscles may be separated, but this will eventually heal within 4 weeks.

The recovery time after c section delivery has been found to take longer than expected. The baby is born through a surgical procedure and this means that your body has to take time before it can recover well. The recovery period is usually between 6 to 8 weeks when the stitches are removed.

There are things you need to consider when in recovery, and these include:

Get plenty of rest 

This is essential in order for your body to heal properly. Make sure you get plenty of sleep and take naps when needed. This will help you to recover fast after c section. The body needs rest in order to heal faster especially when you are taking painkillers. 

Drink plenty of fluids 

Drinking plenty of fluids helps to speed up the recovery process by flushing out the toxins from your body. Toxins can slow down your recovery process and cause other health problems. Drinking plenty of fluids also helps to keep you hydrated, which is important in order for your body to heal properly.

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Eat healthy 

Eating a good and healthy diet is very important during the period of recovery because it will help you to heal faster and also provide you with all the nutrients needed for your body. You should make sure that you eat plenty of fruit, green vegetables, and whole grains.

You should also take vitamins and supplements 

This is a good way to make sure that you get all the essential nutrients your body requires during the recovery period. 

Take a walk 

Taking a walk every day will help improve circulation, exercise your muscles, and get rid of any toxins in your body. You can also try deep breathing exercises to get through the pain. You will also be able to walk easier because there are no stitches.

This is the best way for you to recover fast after c section and in order to achieve your health goals much faster.

Practice mindfulness exercises 

Mindfulness exercises are simple activities you do to become aware of yourself and the world around you. Taking time to be mindful will help you relax while recovering from surgery. Try meditating, taking short walks or sitting on a couch for a few minutes every day.

Avoid over the counter pain medication 

These medications may make you feel drowsy and groggy, but be sure to follow your doctor’s prescription and avoid them as much as possible because they can slow down your recovery period.

Avoid Stressing your body

You should also ask friends and family to help with the household chores, cooking and taking care of your children.

You can walk around the house sometimes after 2 days, but should not carry anything that may be too heavy. You can also go to the bathroom on your own without assistance because it is only the showering and floating in water that will need another person’s help.

Keep up with your exercises 

You will need to do some light exercise in order to help your body heal better.

After 2 weeks, you can start doing low-impact exercises without removing your stitches. These are great for getting back into shape. You may also want to consider visiting a therapist who will be able to develop an exercise program that is suited to your needs.

Consult A Doctor

You should contact Best Internal Medicine Specialist in Islamabad when you notice any of the following:

Increase in fluid drainage  – this may indicate an infection and means you will need to go back in for another surgery.   

Vomiting or fever  – these could be signs of a serious infection, so call your doctor immediately.   

Redness, swelling, or persistent pain  – this may mean you have an infection and will need to go back in for another surgery.   

Serious breathing difficulties  – if your stitches do not dissolve, then it can cause problems with your c section scar which can require yet another surgery.