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Even the most well-maintained homes eventually look worn and outdated. If your residence is structurally sound, then a few aesthetic changes may be all that’s needed to make it feel fresh and modern.

Update Surfaces

If you have worn flooring or countertops, services such as marble refinishing Manhattan NY can repair damage and restore shine. In some cases, such as with wood floors, you may be able to do the work yourself by renting a sander and purchasing floor stain from a home improvement store. Regrout tile to make a room look cleaner and brighter.

Wall color has a big impact on the feel of a home, and painting is a fairly inexpensive upgrade. Look at interior decor magazines or watch home improvement shows to see the latest trends in home colors, but don’t be afraid to choose a hue you love even if it is not popular. A fresh coat of paint also breathes new life into cabinets and furniture.

If the soft surfaces in your home are torn or faded, reupholster them. Reupholstery can be expensive, so make sure the piece is an ideal candidate before getting started.

Swap Out Accessories

Little things often make a big difference. Accessories are easy to change, so this is a good place to try something outside of your comfort zone. Swap out rugs, throw pillows, curtains or knickknacks. Liven up a space with new wall art. Change bedding to refresh bedrooms. Shop at a secondhand store to save money. You may be able to exchange some of your current pieces for store credit (and keep them out of a landfill).

Changing out fixtures and knobs is another way to update the feel of a space without making a huge change. Choose your favorite finish or a unique design.

Lighting affects the mood of a room, so changing the style of lightbulbs is an easy way to make an impact. Halogen, incandescent and fluorescent bulbs are the most common, but there are many more. Make sure the type of bulb you choose is compatible with your fixture to avoid electrical problems. Adding a lamp or even changing a lampshade can make a room brighter, dimmer or cozier. Try out different lighting until you find the perfect fit.

When your house feels outdated, there are many things you can do to refresh it. Remember that small, inexpensive changes can be as impactful as upgrades that require more of an investment.

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